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Zero Waste Events Can Now Be Independently Certified by SCS

New Standard Recognizes Events Demonstrating at Least 75% Waste Diversion

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SCS Global Services (SCS), a global leader in third-party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, testing, and standards development, announces the launch of its newest Zero Waste Standard, “Zero Waste for Events.”

Zero Waste Events Certification recognizes municipal solid waste volumes diverted from landfills at individual events. Certification provides third-party assurance that waste elements are diverted from landfills using any of the following methods: reuse, reclamation, recycling, composting, sale/donation, and waste-to-energy.

“With the development of the Zero Waste Events Standard, we are serving a niche that needed to be addressed –recognizing the special efforts event planners and organizers take to reduce the environmental impact of their events,” said Inna Kitaychik, Operations Manager for the SCS Zero Waste Program. “ Consistent with our Zero Waste Standards for facilities and projects, the goal here is to enable organizations to showcase their commitments and successes in diverting wastes generated at conferences, concerts, fairs, and festivals.”

Under the SCS Zero Waste Events Standard:
•    Events demonstrating at least 75% waste diversion can be recognized through certification. 
•    Events achieving 99% waste diversion can make a certified “Zero Waste Event” claim. 
•    Events achieving below 99% will have their exact diversion stated on the certificate. For example, “Event Achieved 85% Waste Diversion from Landfill.”

“This employs the same approach as our umbrella Zero Waste Standard,” said Stanley Mathuram, SCS Executive Vice President. “The various levels that companies can be certified under provides them with opportunities to acknowledge their waste diversion journey, while ultimately targeting the 99% goal.”

In addition to recognizing efforts to divert waste generated at an event, the standard encourages increased visibility into the downstream flow of wastes leaving the event. By identifying where the material flows, event managers can potentially claim higher diversion rates.

SCS’ Zero Waste Events Certification is both business-practical and environmentally rigorous. It benefits businesses by delivering a cost-effective, respected, and well-supported third-party certification. By tracking the progress of their waste diversion and minimization achievements, companies can communicate their dedication to meeting ESG goals to the public. 

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