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Young Diamond Firm wins Sustainability Award

Original Publication: The Israeli Diamond Magazine
An organization that aims to certify the environmental and social practices ofdiamond companies has picked its first firm to grant certification to, Diamond News reports. Scientific Certification Systems says it applies very strict standards and that it has found Avilan, which only commenced operations last year, to abide by these, granting them a seal of approval.
In a press release, SCS said that while some companies take steps to ensure that all people affected by their business are treated with dignity and respect, other companies make efforts to leave the local ecology is the best possible condition once they have concluded on-site operations. Only Avilan, they claim, strives to care about both social justice and environmental health as an integral part of their business practices.
Avilan marketing director Jana Hadany said that the Kimberley Process, though it prevents funding of armed rebel groups, is not effective at combating other forms of human rights violations, according to Diamond News.

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