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Why laboratory-grown diamonds are the future of ethical luxury

Now you can choose a modern, sustainable stone that shines just as bright.

Original Publication: Vogue Australia
Sustainability Rated Diamonds

When it comes to diamond jewellery, the precious stone has never lost its lustre. But now new technology brings more choice than ever—most significantly, the innovation in laboratory-grown diamonds. This cutting-edge alternative to natural diamonds, uses advanced science to emulate nature’s raw forces for a stone that is just as timeless.

Laboratory-grown diamonds offer a modern alternative to natural diamonds, but the difference is only in the origins. Each laboratory-grown diamond is formed with its own unique blend of colour, characteristics and imperfections, which means that no two diamonds will ever be the same, ensuring that your new piece of jewellery remains entirely special and distinctive to you. Not to be confused with simulant stones such as cubic zirconia, each laboratory-grown diamond is classified as a diamond and shares the same brilliance and durability.

This presents a modern option for the ethically minded to sport a luxury piece that has a less of a footprint on the earth. Beyond the fact that they’re indistinguishable to the naked eye, laboratory-grown diamonds possess essentially the same structure, chemical and physical properties, as natural diamonds. The innovative techniques employed by expert growers now permits humans to recreate nature’s most coveted stone.

Michael Hill Jeweller is the latest purveyor of premium diamonds to bring luxury laboratory-grown diamonds to the market. For more than 40 years, the brand has been a leader in aspirational jewellery for special moments, known for its dedication to quality and craftsmanship with a focus on sustainability and innovation. Now Michael Hill Jewellers has introduced its next evolution in diamonds: Lab. Certified Sustainable Laboratory-Grown Diamonds by Michael Hill.

The launch of Lab. brings together Michael Hill’s decades of trusted experience in diamonds and modern innovation. It’s a brilliant, high-quality collection, with both bridal and fashion designs to suit every eye and style – whether you’re ready to invest in that elegant tennis bracelet you’ve been lusting after, or finding your forever diamond engagement ring. Each premium laboratory-grown diamond has been meticulously selected to create a beautiful piece of jewellery that will mark a special moment and last a lifetime (in fact, there’s even a Diamond Warranty).

Laboratory-grown diamonds are grown from a seed into a rough stone using the latest cutting-edge techniques. Each diamond is formed by emulating the organic conditions of Earth that produce natural diamonds, created from pure carbon to share the same durability and radiance that has driven our collective love for diamonds over the centuries.

With ethical practices and transparency at the forefront, the laboratory-grown diamonds at Michael Hill Jeweller are carbon neutral and Certified Sustainable. Michael Hill Jeweller is one of only a few jewellers globally to offer recognised SCS-007 Certified Sustainability Rated laboratory-grown diamonds, the highest standard in diamond sustainability. This means you can treasure your certified sustainable laboratory-grown diamond knowing that it ensures the fair and ethical treatment of workers and communities and contributes to the protection of both the environment and climate.

As laboratory-grown diamonds continue to carve out a new frontier in ethical luxury, you can find the stone and carat weight of your dreams with Lab. Certified Sustainable Laboratory-Grown Diamonds by Michael Hill.

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Kat Weymouth

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