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WD Lab Grown Diamonds Names M. Geller, Ltd. an Authorized Distribution Partner

Original Publication: Cision
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WD Lab Grown Diamonds ("WD"), leading U.S.-based producer of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) laboratory grown diamonds, has named diamond wholesaler M. Geller, Ltd. ("M. Geller") as an Authorized Distribution Partner. WD is the first diamond company in the world to be third-party sustainability certified and to achieve net zero carbon impacts and 100% climate neutrality. Per the agreement, WD will provide M. Geller's customers with consistent, unmatched supply of the world's leading laboratory grown diamonds, created by WD in their Washington, D.C. area laboratory. 

"In response to unprecedented and increasing consumer demand, WD is excited to enact this important step in the scaling of our global footprint," said Sue Rechner, CEO of WD Lab Grown Diamonds. "As origin traceability and provenance assurance become the increasing focus of the consumer, expanding access to our third-party sustainability certified, 'As Grown' in the U.S.A. diamonds through M. Geller's expansive customer network is critical."

M. Geller, an early adopter in the laboratory grown diamond space, has served the market for the past nine years, building their customer base at pace with the exponential growth of the product category. Through this distributor partnership, M. Geller has become third-party accredited by SCS Global Services, under the SCS-007 Sustainability Diamond Standard, to officially add WD's sustainability certified diamonds to their offering and maintain a closed and verified chain of custody.

"Our unparalleled knowledge and service, combined with the world's leading diamond grower, will provide our customers with an unmatched path to grow their lab grown diamond business. Our team is incredibly excited about this opportunity, and we look forward to building on our partnership with WD," said Marc Geller, Founder and CEO of M. Geller.

M. Geller customers will continue to benefit from the team's knowledge, service and support, owing to over 150 years of diamond expertise, and will enjoy 24/7 access to WD's premium diamond inventory and the newly unveiled WD Resource Center, an exclusive online learning and marketing portal.

About WD Lab Grown Diamonds 
Founded in 2008, WD Lab Grown Diamonds is a pioneering technology company and market leader in Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) diamonds, with laboratory headquarters in the Washington, D.C. area, and distribution under the brands WD Lab Grown Diamonds and Latitude. From the first diamond company worldwide to be third-party sustainability certified, each WD diamond is certified 100% climate neutral and backed by a full U.S. origin traceability guarantee. WD employs its industry-leading diamond growth technology to achieve bespoke gemstone production at scale, and offer new diamond applications in Advanced Material settings. WD is the exclusive licensee of a portfolio of patents covering single crystal CVD diamond growth technology developed by The Carnegie Institution of Washington. WD is jointly owned by Huron Capital, WD Management, members of its board of directors and The Carnegie Institution of Washington. For more information, visit and

About M. Geller, Ltd.
Marc Geller opened the doors of M. Geller, Ltd. in 1984 with a vision and goal to become a leading source for special order diamonds. His formula for success more than 38 years ago is the same as what is in use today: a "never-say-no" philosophy in serving his customers. Combining that approach with outstanding inventory and innovative technology has enabled M. Geller, Ltd. to enjoy consistent growth and recognition as a preferred source for special order diamonds. For more information, visit

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