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Umicore ButterflyTM Recycled Precious Metals is a certified product

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SCS Global Services (SCS) has awarded third-party Recycled Content certification to Umicore Precious Metals Canada Inc., for their Butterfly™ recycled gold products. The  certification  provides  jewelers  and  their  customers  with  an independent guarantee that precious metals have been obtained from recycled sources.


"This certification helps companies to demonstrate that they are actively taking care of  the  environment. In  addition, with the  recent SEC ruling on  conflict minerals and  the  Dodd-Frank Act,  SCS  Certified 100% Recycled Gold now qualifies as ‘DRC Conflict Free’," said Stowe Hartridge-Beam, Director of Business Development at SCS. [SEC Release No. 34-67716; File No. S7-40-10 regarding Conflict Minerals pursuant to Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street  Reform  and  Consumer Protection Act  requires  the  disclosure of  any minerals originating in  the  Democratic Republic of  the  Congo (DRC)  or  an adjoining country.]

“Together  with  our  ISO9001,  ISO14001  and  Responsible  Jewellery  Council

certifications, Butterfly™ recycled precious metals are part of Umicore’s offering of  sustainable products  and  services"  added  Thomas  Jansseune, Managing Director of Umicore.


SCS Global Services (SCS) has been providing global leadership in third- party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, testing, and standards development for more than 25 years. SCS programs span a wide cross-section of industries, recognizing achievements in green building, product manufacturing, food and agriculture, forestry, retailing, and more. SCS is a Certified B Corporation™, reflecting its commitment to socially and environmentally responsible business practices.




Umicore Precious Metals Canada and Umicore Precious Metals USA represent Umicore’s business unit Jewellery and Industrial Metals in North America and provide refining services and precious metals products for jewelry and industrial applications. In 2012 the Umicore Group was again in the Top 10 of the most sustainable corporations in the world and was selected as one of the most ethical companies in the world.

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