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Sycwin Coating & Wires Receives Lead Safe Paint® Certification for All Paint Brands

IPEN, an international non-profit leader on environmental health and chemical safety, announced today that paint products manufactured by Sycwin Coating & Wires, Inc. (Sycwin), a leading paint manufacturer from the Philippines, have been certified under the Lead Safe Paint® standard. Sycwin is the world’s first company to have its industrial paint brands certified lead-safe in conformity with the approaching phase-out period for industrial paints in the Philippines at the end of the year. The certification encompasses its entire portfolio of architectural paints, including PureCoat Premium, WeatherGard, Sycwin, PureCoat Advance, Minnesota, Delaware, Alabama, and Kansas, as well as industrial paint brands Guilder and Illinois – 10 brands and 590 products in all.

"Our company is extremely proud to receive Lead Safe Paint® certification for all our brands. We are especially proud of the recognition of our leading premium brand, Guilder, as the first industrial paint brand to achieve the Lead Safe Paint® certification in the world," said Michael Sy, President of Sycwin. "Earning this certification even for our economy-grade paint brands shows our company's full commitment in protecting the health and safety of the children and families in our community and the environment."

Lead Safe Paint® is an independent certification program that verifies paints contain less than 90 parts per million (ppm) total lead on a dry weight basis—the strictest regulatory limit for lead content in paint established by any government anywhere in the world and the limit recommended by the UN Environment Programme. The current regulatory limit in the Philippines, Nepal, Cameroon, and Ethiopia is a total maximum lead content of 90 ppm for all paints. Adherence to this limit ensures that a manufacturer can sell its paint anywhere in the world. This limit is achievable when a manufacturer does not use lead compounds in pigments, driers, and other paint additives in its products.

“Despite strong scientific evidence establishing the dangers of lead exposure, paints containing high, unsafe lead levels continue to be sold in many countries, especially in developing countries and countries in economic transition. The leadership taken by Sycwin and other companies will improve the health and safety of communities in the developing world,” said Jeiel Guarino, Global Lead Paint Elimination Campaigner, IPEN.

The World Health Organization has indicated that there is no known safe level of lead exposure without harmful effects, and even low levels of lead exposure may cause lifelong and irreversible health problems. Lead is especially dangerous to children’s developing brains and may cause reduced intelligence quotient (IQ) and impaired cognitive functions, among others.

“There is growing education and awareness driving global demand for safer paint products. The lead-safe paint certification will enable customers to make informed choices that will protect their families from the hazards of lead exposure,” adds Nicole Muñoz, Managing Director for SCS Global Services, IPEN’s exclusive third-party certification body.

Industry and civil society experts in the Philippines encourage other paint manufacturers to follow Sycwin’s leadership:

Ely Kenneth Ong Sue, President of the Philippine Association of Paint Manufacturers (PAPM), states:

“As one of the third-party certification program’s proponents five years ago, we encourage other member manufacturers to take part in this program and support their commitment to ensure the paints they sell to consumers do not contain added lead.”

Thony Dizon, Chemical Safety Campaigner of EcoWaste Coalition, says:

“The success of Sycwin in passing the rigorous certification procedures is another proof of the local paint industry’s capability to produce quality products that will protect children from lead-based paint hazards. We hope more products will carry the distinct Lead Safe Paint® logo to help consumers in making a sound choice when buying paints.”

About IPEN
IPEN is a global non-government organization (NGO) comprised of over 500 Participating Organizations in 121 countries working for a toxics free future. It has conducted lead paint testing and analysis in more than 50 countries and is a member of the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint Advisory Group. It is also the Scheme Owner for the Lead Safe Paint® standard and certification mark. For information, visit

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The EcoWaste Coalition is a non-profit network of over 140 public interest groups in the Philippines that have coalesced to advance “a zero waste and toxics-free society where communities enjoy a safe and healthy environment.” Founded in 2000, the EcoWaste Coalition strives to attain such a vision by fostering and supporting activism around priority issues and concerns in line with the Filipino people’s constitutional rights to health and to a balanced and healthful ecology. For more information, visit

About Sycwin Coating & Wires, Inc.
SYCWIN COATING & WIRES, INC. is the only company in the Philippines that manufactures both paints and wires. Established in 1970, it caters to trade and industrial customers, original equipment manufacturers and direct end-users. Since 1999, it has successfully been registered under International Standards: ISO 9001 for Quality Management System and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System since 2008. Sycwin is committed to provide quality products and services responsive to the needs of customers and the community through sustainable and environment-friendly development. For more information, visit

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