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SCS Standards Announces Release of SCS-007-1 Certification Standard for Sustainability Rated Diamonds

Standard Underpins the Continued Growth of the Certification Program offered by SCS Global Services

SCS Standards Announces Release of SCS-007-1 Certification Standard for Sustainability Rated Diamonds

SCS Standards, a non-profit standard setting body is pleased to announce the publication of the final version 1-0 of the SCS-007-1 Certification Standard for Sustainability Rated Diamonds. SCS-007-1 is the first comprehensive, multi-stakeholder sustainability standard developed for the gemstone-quality diamonds, both natural and laboratory-grown. The standard was first introduced in 2020 under “trial use” status. It has been used in the marketplace by dozens of industry stakeholders since, resulting in this final version. Updates in the final version of the standard include:  

  • Tiered indicators to incentivize continuous improvement  
  • Revisions to melee requirements  
  • Updates to criteria related to origin traceability and sustainable production   
  • Updates to climate related criteria   
  • Format changes for greater clarity  

The certification program provides jewelry manufacturers, retailers, and their customers unparalleled transparency and due diligence around the environmental and ethical performance of diamond producers and handlers. In addition, it provides the highest level of diamond origin traceability assurance. Finally, it incorporates quantitative metrics to ensure that producers move rapidly toward achieving a net zero carbon footprint and reducing their life cycle impacts.  

“The level of stakeholder engagement and learnings gained over the course of the trial use period proved invaluable to the development of version 1.0,” states Victoria Norman, Executive Director of SCS Standards, who led the multi-stakeholder standard development process. 

SCS Global Services, a global leader in third-party certification of environmental, social, safety and quality performance, has been certifying diamond producers, cutters, polishers, wholesalers, and retailers since 2020 using the trial use version of the standard. Since first introducing the certification program, SCS Global Services has certified eight laboratory-grown diamond producers, 12 diamond handlers, and 65 retailers in 14 countries where over 100,000 certified diamonds have been sold through more than 500 stores worldwide.  

Industry veteran and SCS Global Services Sustainability Rated Diamond Program Director Kat Weymouth says, “The growth of the program, at all levels of the industry, supports what consumers are demanding. They want to know that the diamonds they purchase are free of conflict and meet environmental, social and ethical standards.” 

Diamond industry professionals interested in learning about the Sustainability Rated Diamond Certification program can learn more by visiting Click here to download a version of the final standard. 

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