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SCS is First U.S. Certification Body Recognized under the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) System

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 Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) is the first certification body in the United States to be accredited by the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) biofuel certification system. SCS has been approved to conduct biofuel certifications, and in addition, to conduct "ISCC Plus" certification for food, animal feed and derivative chemicals produced from any feedstock.


ISCC certification qualifies biofuels sold into the European Union for recognition under the Renewable Energy Directive (EU RED), which sets targets and minimum sustainability requirements for biofuel use throughout the EU. About 1300 certified companies have already been certified under the ISCC system, making it one of the world's fastest growing biofuel certifications.

"We are excited to begin certifying biofuel producers, processors and suppliers under the rapidly growing ISCC system," said Stan Rhodes, President of SCS.

To earn certification, a biofuel must have a reduced carbon footprint as compared to the conventional fossil fuel it replaces. Biomass and biofuel production must also meet minimum social, environmental and traceability criteria. The ISCC standard prohibits the harvest of biomass from highly biodiverse or carbon-rich areas and requires adherence to international fair labor practices.

Any type of biomass-based fuel is eligible for ISCC certification. An ISCC chain-of-custody certification provides biofuel depots, traders and retailers with a recognized system for documenting the handling of responsible biomass and biofuel production from the field to the end consumer.  ISCC recognizes all EU RED-approved biofuel certifications, which provides increased flexibility for biofuel blenders and traders who source from multiple suppliers.

ISCC adds to SCS's expanding sustainable agriculture and biofuel certification services, which includes BONSUCRO certification for sustainable sugarcane, third-party certification for Fair Trade USA, and GlobalGAP.

Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) has been a global leader in third-party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, testing and standards development for more than 25 years. SCS programs span a wide cross-section of sectors, recognizing exemplary performance in natural resource management, green building, product manufacturing, food and agriculture, retailing and more. SCS is a Certified B Corporation™, reflecting its commitment to socially and environmentally responsible business practices.

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