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SCS’ Green Building Certification Expert Stanley Mathuram to Speak at Upcoming Sustainable Cities Conference in Costa Rica

Green building professionals, building owners, architects, specifiers and manufacturers convene this coming weekend in San José, Costa Rica, May 17-18, for a conference featuring the latest updates in environmental and sustainability innovation in the building sector. One of the industry’s best-known third-party certification and standards experts, Stanley Mathuram of SCS Global Services, will be among the featured presenters at this year’s International Sustainable Cities Conference (CICS 2018), sponsored by the Green Building Council of Costa Rica (GBCCR).

Mr. Mathuram, SCS’ globe-trotting Vice President, will make two presentations. On Friday’s Optimization of Use of Resources panel (May 17), he will discuss the use of science-based metrics to drive quantifiable and meaningful improvements with respect to various independently verified environmental and sustainability claims. On Saturday, May 18, he will conduct an informative workshop on the latest developments in product transparency associated with Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and Product Category Rules based on life cycle assessment (LCA). During this workshop, he will review the origins of EPDs, explain the current green building credits available to building projects, describe innovations in the EPD world, and detail the A-to-Z process of undergoing the LCA required to generate an EPD.

Mr. Mathuram brings deep industry knowledge, based on years working for companies such as Michigan Steel, Inc., AECOM, The Mannik & Smith group, Inc., and DLZ Corporation, helping to guide businesses in the development of Triple Bottom Line and corporate social responsibility strategies, principles of lean manufacturing, renewable energy contract development, environmental compliance, and remedial design. He also served as Managing Director of SCS’ Environmental Certification Services division, and has traveled the world engaging with companies innovating to reduce their environmental footprints in the built environment. He holds degrees in chemical and environmental engineering, and is a licensed professional engineer.

For more information about the upcoming CICS 2018 event, contact Stanley Mathuram at [email protected], +1.616.299.1073. To learn more about SCS’ full suite of certification services for the Green Building industry, contact Karen Righthand, [email protected] at +1.510.452.6817 direct +1510.381.6588 cell

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SCS is an international leader in third-party certification and standards development in environmental, sustainability, and quality performance claims, and a pioneer in certification services and standards for the built environment. Through auditing, certification, testing, life cycle assessment, training and strategic consulting services, SCS empowers organizations to affirm and communicate their sustainability success stories. SCS is a California benefit corporation, reflecting its commitment to socially and environmentally responsible business practices.

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