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SCS Global Services Releases Updated Recycled Content Certification Standard

SCS Global Services (SCS), a leader in third-party environmental and sustainability certification, announced today the release of its updated (Version 7.0) Recycled Content Certification Standard.

The SCS Recycled Content Certification Program has helped manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to conserving natural resources, support corporate sustainability goals, and meet customer specifications for recycled products since 1990. The SCS Kingfisher Recycled Content label has been applied to products in a wide range of industries, such as textiles, carpet, packaging, building and interior products, wood and paper, insulation, jewelry, precious metals and more.

“Recycled Content Certification is a flagship program at SCS that verifies the pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled content claims of manufacturers around the world,” said Alicia Godlove, Manager of Materials Services at SCS. “Our updated standard includes important changes developed with input from our clients and stakeholders, and will solidify SCS’ position as the certifier of choice for recycled content claims.”

The SCS Recycled Content Certification process ensures that recycled material is derived from verifiable sources, that thorough material tracking procedures are in place, and that production data produces accurate claims about the recycled content of final products.

The Version 7.0 additions to the SCS Recycled Content Standard include:

  • A new "made with" certification option for a material or product that contains recycled ingredients. For example, "made with 100% post-consumer recycled PET resin." This claim provides an opportunity for Recycled Content claims to be more easily passed along the supply chain. SCS will continue to offer the traditional minimum content claim based on the entire product.
  • New criteria for vendor selection and formula control have been added to improve and streamline the material qualification process, along with other steps to streamline the review.
  • A new Reclaimed Silvicultural Fiber claim, which had been under the umbrella of the Recycled Content Standard, will be replaced by a new certification program, to be developed by the SCS Natural Resources team. This program will include criteria for recovered wood, as well as minimum legal requirements for reclaimed wood and wood fibers.
  • For recycled precious metals and 3T metals (tin, tungsten, tantalum), the manufacturer shall demonstrate the implementation of a "Know Your Customer" procedure.

The V 7.0 Recycled Content Standard can be found at

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