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SCS-007: The Jewelry Sustainability Standard

Original Publication: Professional Jeweller

Retailers, jewellers, designers, and consumers have long evaluated naturally mined and lab-grown diamonds based on their cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight (collectively known as the four Cs). There is a new and revolutionary way to evaluate diamonds, With the introduction of SCS Global’s SCS-007 Jewelry Sustainability Standard — Sustainability Rated Diamonds.

Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds are diamonds from SCS-007 accredited producers that have been independently certified under the five key pillars of sustainability achievement.

These five pillars are Origin Traceability, Climate Neutrality, Ethical Stewardship, Sustainable Production Practices, and Sustainability Investments. SCS-007 is the first truly comprehensive sustainability standard developed for the global diamond market.

SCS-007 was created out of the belief that diamonds symbolize love, beauty, and endurance — that everyone in the jewellery industry, and of course customers, all deserve to know the stories behind the diamonds they are considering purchasing, wearing, or giving as precious gifts. With this, all certified diamonds come with digital individual Certificates of Sustainability that outline their sustainability journey and achievements. Customers get to own these certificates alongside their purchases.

Verification of a given diamond’s origin and environmental sustainability helps retailers, jewellers and designers add environmental value to their jewellery offerings. Such verification is also increasingly important to eco-conscious consumers who choose to spend their hard-earned money on the most sustainable jewellery they can find.

Retailers interested in adding Certified Diamonds to their inventory to sell to customers can become accredited under SCS-007 standard. This straightforward and reputable accreditation gives retailers access to high quality and certified inventory from accredited producers, digital certificates of sustainability, and extensive marketing and training support.

Apply to become an accredited retailer here.

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