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Revolution develops certified PCR stretch film

The company’s EncoreWrap stretch film is made with 10 percent postconsumer recycled resin.

Original Publication: Recycling Today
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Revolution, a manufacturer of recycled resins and recycled-content plastic products based in Little Rock, Arkansas, has developed EncoreWrap as a high-performance hand stretch film made with 10 percent postconsumer recycled (PCR) resin. Revolution collects stretch film scrap from distributor clients to support the production of its PCR resin used in EncoreWrap.

EncoreWrap contains Revolution’s proprietary, third-party certified Encore PCR, which the company says produces a higher quality of clarity and strength than traditionally observed in plastic stretch wrap film that contains PCR. Revolution says EncoreWrap can be used as a sustainable solution for the warehousing, transportation and commercial industries as a way to reduce their environmental impact and reach sustainability goals.

The Encore Wrap material features a light blue tint in roll form that retains high clarity when applied to a pallet. Revolution says its upgraded, multilayered plastic stretch film is stiff cast with a quiet release and provides strength with resins designed to provide maximum load-holding force and high puncture resistance.

According to Revolution, EncoreWrap has received third-party certification from SCS Global Services confirming its 10 percent PCR content.

“Revolution’s goal to consistently improve our products while remaining true to our core commitment to sustainability has resulted in a game-changing upgrade to our plastic stretch film product line,” says Gregg Smith, vice president of sustainable stretch at Revolution.

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