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PT Mowilex Helps Protect 65,000 Forested Hectares as Part of Carbon Neutral Certification Renewal

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PT Mowilex Indonesia (PT Mowilex) has renewed its carbon neutral certification, offsetting its carbon emissions with projects that promote energy savings, habitat conservation and responsible community development.

The company, which crafts premium paints, wood coatings and other building materials, remains the only manufacturer in Indonesia to fully neutralize its carbon footprint.

“Informed by lessons learned during our 2019 carbon neutral certification process, we expanded energy conservation efforts across 11 PT Mowilex locations. We also focused our carbon offset resources on projects here in Indonesia,” said Tania Wakhidah Ariningtyas, Head of Environmental Affairs for PT Mowilex. “The Rimba Raya REDD+ project addresses biodiversity conservation and sustainable communities, two areas of great importance to the PT Mowilex team.”

Based on the Indonesian island of Borneo, known regionally as Kalimantan, the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve is home to carbon-dense tropical peat swamps that house 105,000 endangered Bornean orangutans and other threatened species. By directing offset funds to the island, PT Mowilex is helping to save 65,000 hectares of forest once slated to become oil palm plantations. The preservation work also enhances health care, food security, fire safety and educational opportunities for 2,500 households on the island.

In 2020, Rimba Raya became the first project registered to the Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard (SD VISta), demonstrating that its livelihood programmes in surrounding villages advance all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“Customers in Indonesia expect more than just quality products. Our clients also look for ethical, sustainably-minded companies,” said Ariningtyas. “We’re incredibly proud to craft award-winning paints in contemporary colours, while minimising our environmental footprint and strengthening local communities.”

To renew its carbon-neutral status, PT Mowilex also updated lighting, replaced cooling equipment and implemented other programmes that reduced carbon emissions by 0.2%. The company recorded the reduction despite raising production volumes and implementing COVID-19 safety protocols that decreased operational efficiencies during much of the year. The emissions decrease moves PT Mowilex toward a long-term carbon-reduction goal of 5%. New technology and tools installed in its forthcoming Cikande factory will help the company meet that target more quickly.

PT Mowilex followed the rigorous CarbonNeutral Protocol developed by the global organization Natural Capital Partners to renew its certification.

“With CarbonNeutral certification, PT Mowilex is demonstrating its commitment to climate action,” said Saskia Feast, Vice President of Sales at Natural Capital Partners. “By continuing its carbon neutral programme, the company is taking immediate steps to reduce its impact on the environment while contributing to sustainable development in the region.”

For the second year in a row, PT Mowilex engaged the international certification body, SCS Global Services, to verify its carbon calculations.

“Mowilex demonstrates a continued deep commitment to protecting our global environment by striving to meet climate targets and achieving carbon neutral certification. We admire their sustainability leadership in Indonesia,” said Keith Killpack, Technical Director of SCS Global Services.

The carbon neutral certification renewal comes weeks after PT Mowilex won three categories at Indonesia’s leading corporate social responsibility (CSR) event, the Top CSR Awards 2020, and earned best-performing Asian company honours in this year’s ACES (Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability) Awards. In 2020, PT Mowilex is celebrating its 50th anniversary by planting 50,000 tree seedlings throughout Indonesia. The company also responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to area hospitals and making hand sanitizer to donate throughout local communities.

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