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If you need to replace your sports flooring, this company just verified its products are eco-friendly

Action Floor Systems, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of maple sports flooring systems and supplier of premium synthetic sports and commercial flooring systems, recently verified the sustainability of its products by publishing an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) on its solid maple hardwood sports flooring and announcing the FloorScore Certification of the same flooring and its Herculan pad and pour systems.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Action Floors registered an independently verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) on its maple sports flooring. An EPD is an independently verified certification that transparently communicates the elements of a product and all of the environmental impacts, from raw material extraction to the use phase and through to end-of-life. To receive EPD certification, a company must perform a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) following the industry-wide Product Category Rules (PCR), according to the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) standards.

Don Brown, Action Floors technical director, remarked:

"Publishing an EPD reinforces Action Floors’ commitment to the environment and sustainable and healthy building initiatives. When architects, facility managers, or dealers source maple flooring products from our company, they know they are getting a product with a fully transparent environmental impact profile that can contribute to LEED v4 credits."

SCS Global Services, an independent provider of third-­party environmental and sustainability certification and standards development conducted the LCA study on Action Floors’ maple hardwood sports flooring systems.

The third-­party-verified EPD is available on the Action Floors Web site and is listed in SCS’s Green Product Guide. The EPD report discloses all the information required by ISO according to the PCR and includes a complete description of the product, the LCA study and its results, and any further environmental information a customer might need for product sourcing. Customers who purchase products with a verified EPD can also contribute to valuable LEED credits, notes the company.

FloorScore Certification

Action Floors Systems also announced the FloorScore Certification of its solid maple sports flooring and Action Herculan pad and pour synthetic sports floor systems, furthering the Action Floor Systems reputation of producing environmentally friendly products.

Action Herculan offers a range of polyurethane sports flooring options designed to provide high performance, uniformity in play, and extreme durability. FloorScore Certification is said to be the most highly recognized indoor air quality (IAQ) certification for hard-surface flooring materials. It was developed by SCS Global Services in partnership with the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI), a trade association of flooring manufacturers and supporters.

To become FloorScore Certified, SCS Global Services measures the levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are emitted from a product. A product must meet the VOC emission standards of the California Section 01350 Program and the SCS-EC 10.3-2014 IAQ Standard.

Brown added:

"FloorScore Certification proves that our products support indoor air quality for our customers. FloorScore Certification supports our commitment to green and healthier buildings. As building construction continues to evolve, green building will become the norm, as will buildings that provide a healthier environment."

Lower VOC emissions contribute to healthier air and less indoor air pollution, points out Action Floors. Good IAQ and low VOC levels are vital for schools and sports facilities, and help to manage the effect of daily allergies that people endure related to poor air quality.

FlooreScore Certification qualifies for green building schemes such as LEED v4, WELL, BREEAM, and CHPS. The certification is listed in SCS’s Green Product Guide along with the EPD.

For more information about Action Floors’ maple sports flooring or synthetic sports floors, visit the company’s Web site.

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