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Hydrofinity Has The Only Washing Machine In The World With Environmentally Preferred Status

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The Hydrofinity washing system is the first commercial washing machine globally to be awarded Environmentally Preferable Product Certification by international body, SCS Global Services (SCS).

Through its rigorous assessment process, SCS certified that Hydrofinity washing machines show better environmental performance than conventional commercial washing machines. 

"SCS Global Services is pleased to certify the Hydrofinity 25kg Commercial Washing Machine as an environmentally preferable product. This is through its lower environmental impacts throughout its life cycle as compared to a conventional washing machine.  Hydrofinity has taken one more step to establish its position as an environmental leader in its industry." Keith Killpack, Manager, LCA Services at SCS Global.

What does this mean?

SCS use the most advanced life-cycle assessment (LCA) metrics to confirm that products meet this standard of excellence - a leading measure of sustainability. To test the washing machine and assess its environmental benefits, SCS completed a life-cycle assessment of the Hydrofinity machine alongside a conventional commercial washing machine.

This analysis looked at both machines from cradle to grave, meaning from raw material extraction and processing right through to end-of-life disposal. They considered the following processes for each machine:

  1. Raw material extraction and processing of the materials used to manufacture both machines
  2. Upstream transportation - the transport of materials to the site of manufacture
  3. Production - physical manufacture of each machine
  4. Downstream transportation - moving the machine from the production facility to the consumer
  5. Use - operation of each machine for its intended use
  6. End of life - disposal of the machines, including transport and recycling

What factors were considered?

The LCA then considered the impact of each machine against 8 key environmental factors, you can find more information on these in our summary report:

  • Global warming potential
  • Acidification potential
  • Eutrophication potential
  • Photochemical ozone creation potential
  • Ozone depletion potential
  • Resource depletion - fossil fuels
  • Water use
  • Primary energy demand

Why is this important?

Overall, the Hydrofinity machine had less environmental impact in each category, often by a significant margin.

Receiving certification marks the culmination of a multi-year effort by Hydrofinity to improve and verify its sustainable laundry practices globally.

"Hydrofinity is committed to embracing sustainable laundry practices and we are thrilled we have been globally recognised for this," said Mike Ferrand, Managing Director for Hydrofinity. "Achieving EPP certification assures our customers that they are receiving products that operate in a responsible way."

The certified 25kg capacity machine uses XOrbs™ — created by parent company Xeros Technologies — to reduce water consumption by up to 80%.

Our core purpose at Xeros is to radically improve the sustainability of water-intensive processes and we are delighted to have SCS Global’s analysis to further back up our own claims! An accredited independent specialist in life cycle analysis has now confirmed that our technology for the commercial laundry market is more sustainable on every level compared to a conventional washing machine from water savings, to CO2 emission, energy savings to ozone depletion potential. Our world must become sustainable and the team at Xeros will keep on working until it is! said Mark Nichols, Chief Executive Officer for Xeros Technology Group.

You can download the full EPP Report here.

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