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Helping Companies Navigate the Complex Terrain of Corporate Sustainability

The pressures of population growth, poverty, resource constraints, pollution and climate change challenge each of us, every day, to identify better ways to manage our businesses. Our growing interdependence makes sustainable business practice not simply a choice, but an essential feature of the 21st century economy.

As a sustainability-driven benefit corporation, SCS Global Services (SCS) works across the natural resource, product manufacturing, green building, food and agriculture, and energy industry sectors to develop leadership standards and provide rigorous third-party auditing and certification (watch our video, Building Business Value through Sustainability). This cross-disciplinary work has given us unique insights into the challenges faced by companies in achieving their sustainability goals, as well as the latest innovations in operations and technology to overcome these challenges. Our newly released 2017 Annual Benefit Report provides a window into the wide world of sustainability practice in which we and our clients are engaged.

Sustainability has a way of organically, if not virally, embedding itself into the business culture. Whether embraced as a top-down core business philosophy, or adopted tentatively at the periphery, sustainability can quickly seed itself into the very fabric of a business. One success opens doors to the next experiment, allowing managers, employees, suppliers, partners and customers to reimagine the entire business enterprise from top to bottom. And once adopted, it is difficult to retreat back to old ways of doing business.

Metrics are key to assessing the tangible benefits of increased operational efficiencies and lower environmental impacts, which in turn can lead to lower costs, improved employee morale and more effective brand risk management. In this world of increasing dependence on analytics to drive business decisions, it is critical to get these metrics right. Check out our newly updated website to learn more about our full suite of corporate sustainability services to help companies navigate this complex terrain as they seek to meet their Sustainable Development Goals.

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Linda Brown

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