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GreenMantraTM Technologies Receives Recycled Content Certification From SCS Global Services

GreenMantra Technologies, a rapidly growing producer of high-value synthetic waxes from recycled plastics, recently received certification from SCS Global Services (SCS) for the recycled content of its CeranovusTM wax products.

Through its rigorous third-party assessment process, SCS has certified that GreenMantra’s Ceranovus A and G series waxes are made with 100 percent recycled plastic, post and pre-consumer respectively. The certification provides GreenMantra’s customers who manufacture and market products focused on the circular economy with transparent documentation and added support in qualifying for environmental product standard requirements and green building industry requirements such as U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification.

Based in Brantford, Ontario, GreenMantra Technologies utilizes a proprietary thermo-catalytic system and patented process to cost-effectively transform hard to recycle polyolefin plastics, like films and bags, into higher value specialty chemicals such as synthetic waxes. In addition to plastics reprocessing, these materials have a broad range of applications in the coatings, adhesives, roofing and paving industries.

“We’re pleased to corroborate GreenMantra’s 100% recycled content claims for its Ceranovus A and G series waxes, and fully support its commitment to product transparency and sustainable practices.” said Shaheen Kanchwala, SCS’s Recycled Content Certification Program Manager.

SCS has been providing global leadership in third-party quality, environmental and sustainability verification, certification, auditing, testing, and standards development for more than three decades. The SCS Kingfisher certification mark appears on a wide range of products used in the green building and other industry sectors, and is recognized by government agencies, the design community, retailers, and leading green building rating schemes such as LEED, BREEAM, and more. SCS is a chartered benefit corporation, reflecting its commitment to socially and environmentally responsible business practices, and a 2016 recipient of the Acterra Business Environmental Award for Sustainability.

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