FSC’s Project Certified booth at Greenbuild 2012

With more than 35,000 attendees and 2,000 exhibitors, Greenbuild 2012 in San Francisco was on track to break records.


Already one of the most important events of the year for the Forest Stewardship Council, this year’s Greenbuild was also significant because LEED v4 was open for public comments and the event was held in the Bay Area, one of the biggest markets for FSC-certified products. 

So FSC pulled out all the stops and re-imagined our presence at Greenbuild 2012, starting with our booth. 

As the first booth in the US to achieve FSC Project Certification, all wood used was FSC certified, with the audit conducted by SCS Global Services (SCS-PRO-004392). To achieve full Project Certification, a project manager must ensure that at least half the wood used is sourced from FSC-certified or post-consumer reclaimed sources. The remainder must come from FSC Controlled Wood or verified reclaimed sources. 

The concept for the booth took flight during the summer, when FSC partnered with the Boston Architectural College to create a booth design competition for students. While we received many thoughtful applications, one stood out: Jillian Gaviani proposed a booth design based on a nest, arguably the most sustainable green building nature has to offer. 

Working with Dave Nyberg of Nyberg Construction and Juan Figueroa’s team at Woodtech, the FSC team got to work turning concept into reality. The results were impressive, capturing attention and acclaim from conference attendees. As one mentioned, “I saw your booth from across the floor. I wasn’t sure what it was, so I had to come check it out.” 

Materials for the booth included Pure Bond decorative hardwood plywood from Columbia Forest Products and hickory flooring from Shaw Floors. Materials from the booth were donated to the Day Caring Pre School in Fairfax, CA and San Andreas Continuation High School in Hollister, CA.

FSC offers our deepest thanks to Jillian for her fantastic design work. You can download her original proposal below. We also want to thank Lance Fletcher and Crandon Gustafson from the Boston Architectural College for overseeing the design competition.

And FSC offers sincere thanks to Dave Nyberg and Juan Figueroa. Without their help – and especially the extra hours Dave poured into the project – we could not have built the booth. Thank you.

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SCS Global Services
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