Fixed Price, FSC® Chain of Custody Certification Now Available To All Printers through Industry Association Collaboration


The Regional Affiliate Certification Group (RACG) has announced that it now offers a program to the over $5M segment of the printing and packaging industry.  Since 2010 RACG has offered a very successful program to the under $5M segment of the industry providing expanded consulting and group pricing to smaller firms.  Long pursued, it has launched a program for larger firms providing assistance, consulting, and fixed pricing for FSC® Chain of Custody Certification.  

The program is offered in a partnership through RACG with PIA Affiliates, American Green Consulting (AGC), the consulting firm servicing the current small printer group, and SCS Global Services, the certifying body chosen from the field.  This offering features a friendly, supportive atmosphere where printers can review and discuss their needs with American Green Consulting who will provide necessary support on all elements of certification audits, FSC logo usage and other issues.  Additionally, the RACG negotiated pricing provides a discounted, fixed price which includes all elements of the certification (audit – consulting – AAF fees– travel).

Already processing a few applicants, this program was announced at a meeting of affiliates of the Printing Industries of America last month and will be promoted to the membership throughout the US.  Members of all affiliates now have access to a stable FSC® Certification program which allows them to service their customers in a full and seamless manner.

Chris Gibbons, President of AGC comments, “We consistently receive requests for a simplified program for larger printers... stability, simplicity, and affordability are the most requested elements… this program provides the perfect answer.”

RACG president, Jim Tepper, said “We are very pleased to partner with SCS Global Services as they bring tremendous professionalism to this regulated process and have already proven to be a flexible and valuable part of this program.  They have extensive experience with the printing and packaging industry and are very well positioned to deal with the unique issues of our industry in regards to certification steps and requirements”.

Enthused about this new endeavor, SCS Executive VP Robert Hrubes commented, "SCS Global Services is very pleased to partner with RACG on this important endeavor. 

The program is open to all printers who are members of PIA affiliates participating in RACG. Pricing, general information, and program applications are available through the various PIA affiliates, on the RACG website (, or directly from Marybeth Maloney at the RACG office, (508-804-4109). 

Additionally, RACG will have a booth at Graph Expo this September in Chicago with representatives of FSC, SCS, AGC and RACG present to explain the two programs and to answer questions attendees might have.  A press conference is scheduled at the show for Monday Sept. 14 at 4:15 PM in Room S502a.

Media Contact

Jim Tepper, President
Regional Affiliate Certificate Group (RACG)
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SCS Media Contact

Kathryn Mullins | Marketing Coordinator, Natural Resources
SCS Global Services
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