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Fenix Diamonds ups the ante on LGD sustainability

Original Publication: JewelleryNet
Fenix Diamonds

US-based Fenix Diamonds has bolstered the sustainability element of its premium-quality lab-grown diamonds by obtaining an international accreditation and upgrading its LGD narrative.

Fenix Diamonds has steadily gained prominence in the lab-grown diamond (LGD) space since its inception in 2018, thanks to responsible business practices, ethically produced stones and its relentless desire to continuously innovate in the LGD field.

The company recently obtained the SCS-007 Jewelry Sustainability Standard – Sustainability Rated Diamonds certification from SCS Global Services, making it a globally accredited producer and handler of “Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds.”

According to SCS, this certification standard, which applies to both natural and lab-grown diamonds, establishes unprecedented benchmarks of performance and transparency, featuring stringent environmental, social and governance achievement; climate neutrality; sustainable production practices with net zero impact; comprehensive origin traceability for the highest possible source-to-market certainty; and sustainability investments that support vulnerable communities. All these are backed by independent, third-party certification.

“We passed a comprehensive SCS environmental, social and governance audit with an A+ rating for origin traceability, ethical stewardship, verified climate neutrality, sustainable production practices and sustainability investments,” Fenix Diamonds revealed. “Diamonds can also contribute to a greener and more sustainable tomorrow. That is why we are taking a stance – becoming accountable for our carbon footprint and providing consumers with transparency and a more sustainable option.”

To further boost its sustainability narrative, Fenix Diamonds introduced the “5th c” of diamond quality, in addition to colour, clarity, cut and carat. The new c, which stands for “choice,” supports the notion of empowering modern buyers to make informed decisions when purchasing LGDs or mined diamonds, the company said.

“Through years of innovation and scientific development, we are able to offer the consumer a new choice – a genuine alternative to mined diamonds,” it noted. “Fenix Diamonds is that new choice, whether your customer is looking for a large-sized or a fancy shape lab-grown diamond, or an exquisite fancy blue LGD.”

Sparkling innovation

Fenix Diamonds operates a certified carbon-neutral facility in India where it grows an expansive range of ready-to-ship LGD inventory that includes round lab-grown diamonds as well as fancy shapes such as trillions, pears, ovals, emerald-cuts, princess and baguettes, to name a few. All shapes are cut and polished to specific ratios to maximise brilliance, fire and sparkle. It also runs a lab-grown diamond jewellery retail business.

The company’s core products are 0.25-carat to 4-carat lab-grown diamonds of D-H colours and VS2 and above clarity grades in round and fancy shapes. It also offers commercial lab-grown diamonds of H-I-J colours and fancy blue LGDs.

“On demand, production of special sizes and fancy shapes and colours is another of Fenix Diamonds’ fortes,” it added. “We can customise our production strengths to meet your exact needs.”

Lab-grown diamonds bearing top colours and clarity grades are highly sought after and command a premium, according to Fenix Diamonds. Its stones are graded and certified using the same standards as mined diamonds by independent laboratories. The company also offers third-party laboratory certification for its
lab-grown diamonds above 0.50 carat.

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