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Enroot Launches Organic Sparkling Cold Brew Teas

Inspired by Founder’s Farmer Heritage and Crafted in Partnership with the James Beard Foundation

Enroot Cold Brew Tea

SCS Global Services is pleased to have been selected to work with Enroot, manufacturer of slowly cold brewed organic sparkling teas, to support its efforts to create a comprehensive responsible sourcing policy for its product ingredients, and to conduct verification audits of its suppliers. For more details, read the full Enroot press release here.

Enroot unveiled its line of small-batch, slowly cold brewed organic sparkling teas. The new beverages, consisting of five unique blends, pay homage to the founder, Cristina Patwa’s grandmother, and her legacy as a farmer and food entrepreneur in the Philippines. Enroot beverages are sustainably sourced and flavorfully combine organic teas, fruits and herbals to create a smooth delicious taste.

As the NEXTY award winner in Best New Organic Beverage, the sparkling wellness brews are thoughtfully crafted with chefs involved in the James Beard Foundation’s Impact programs. The botanically-packed blends use only organic teas, botanicals, fruits, and spices and are brewed cold for 20 hours to deliver a smooth, luscious and refreshing taste, a variety of clean caffeine options (from caffeine-free to ~1 espresso), and are only 25 calories per bottle, with no added sugar, sweeteners, or “flavors.”

The below five flavors will be available at and select grocers in Southern California:

  • Relax: Strawberry Lavender Rosemary Tulsi
  • Reenergize: Mango Turmeric Ginger Guyausa
  • Revitalize: Raspberry Mint White Peony Tea
  • Rejuvenate: Peach Hibiscus Jasmine Green Tea
  •  Revive: Apple Lemon Cayenne Yerba Mate

“This has been a three-year labor of love from leaf to bottle, and a dream collaboration with award-winning, pioneering chefs and skillful engineers, who developed our distinct brewing and batching method,” said Enroot CEO, Cristina Patwa. “The results are delightful, and we are grateful to have this team as both our partners and friends.”

The female-led small business was founded by three friends, Cristina Patwa, John Fogelman, and Brad Pitt, based on their shared passion for Food, Family, and Farms, and a desire to make a change in the food industry. As a public benefit corporation and pending certified B Corp, Enroot is a Sustaining Partner and proudly gives back to the James Beard Foundation’s Women’s Leadership Programs, which strives to address the lack of diversity and parity in the food and beverage industry.

“As admirers of the Foundation’s advocacy work, we collectively wanted to create a brand that is rooted in good flavor and intent– particularly by having a strong connection to our health, the earth, and each other now more than ever,” said Pitt.

“We are proud of our partnership with Enroot, and our shared values of advancing women and creating a world that is more delicious, diverse and sustainable,” said Clare Reichenbach, CEO of the James Beard Foundation. “We remain committed to providing women with the tools they need to create the life they want and build back stronger than ever before.

Based and brewed in California, Enroot is the first start-up in food and beverage to create a comprehensive responsible sourcing policy with SCS Global Services, the trusted leader in third-party sustainability and food quality certification. Using plastic-free packaging, the company partners with its suppliers to carefully source quality organic ingredients and help reduce its carbon footprint.

Learn about Responsible Sourcing Strategies here

About Enroot
Enroot Organic Sparkling Cold Brew Tea is crafted with chefs involved in the James Beard Foundation’s Impact programs using only organic teas, botanicals, fruits and spices. As the NEXTY award winner in Best New Organic Beverage, each wellness blend is slowly cold brewed in small batches to deliver a smooth, luscious and refreshing taste in only 25 calories per bottle, with no added sugars, sweeteners or “flavors.” The female-led small business and pending certified B Corp is a Sustaining Partner of and proudly gives back to the James Beard women’s leadership programs. Enroot was founded by Cristina Patwa, John Fogelman and Brad Pitt with a shared passion for its Food, Family and Farms values. @drinkenroot and

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