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Distinguished University Forests and Unique Innovator of FSC-certified cutlery, among FSC® Leadership Award Winners

SCS honors leaders in responsible forestry

FSC Awards

Third-party sustainability certification body SCS Global Services (SCS) is proud to announce award winners of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) 2021 Leadership Awards, which recognizes excellence in responsible forestry and the use of FSC certified products. Among 21 winners are three SCS certified organizations – Yale Forests, Swanton Pacific Ranch, and Ecotensil.

These organizations’ recognition ranges from responsible forests with longstanding certification and commitment to education about FSC in school forests – to unique products with FSC chain of custody certification that are challenging the way that we use materials, while contributing to a circular economy.

  • EcoTensil, Inc. for offering innovative cutlery to consumers and food retailers looking for a sustainable alternative to plastic cutlery.
  • Swanton Pacific Ranch at California Polytechnic State University for using their FSC-certified forest as a teaching tool for future generations of forestry professionals.
  • Yale Forests at The Forest School at Yale School of the Environment for 20 years of FSC certification at Yale-Myers Forest on lands they have stewarded for 100 years.

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“SCS commends these organizations’ work toward responsible forestry,” said Maggie Schwartz, Managing Director of Forestry Services, SCS Global Services. “The impact is seen throughout our communities and in supply chains – From the forest side, it starts with educating youth about what responsible forestry looks like, and then maintaining FSC certification and committing to responsible forest management. Then down the line with chain of custody, we rely on organizations to source responsible forest products and contribute to a circular economy – thus further supporting the need for responsibly managed forests.”

“These awards represent the top-tier leaders that are committed to the values of FSC – a healthy and sustainable environment, social responsibility, biodiversity, and a strong economy,” said Chris McLaren, Chief Marketing Officer, FSC US. “Congratulations to the 2021 award winners, whose recognition is well deserved.”

The awards were determined from a panel of judges, based on comparisons of all nominations received and in consideration of the overall FSC marketplace. To learn more about sustainable forestry certifications with SCS, visit

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