Del Fresco strawberries receive pesticide-free certification

Original Publication: The Packer

SCS Global Services has certified Yes!Berries as pesticide-free.

Kingsville, Ontario-based Del Fresco Produce received the news of the distinction for its strawberries just a couple of weeks ago, said president Carl Mastronardi.

“It’s a very difficult thing to achieve,” Mastronardi said. “We took a few years to get there, to make sure that we could do it, and now we feel quite comfortable with the integrated pest management program we have, using a tremendous amount of new bugs, and we’ve learned how to make this work.”

At its booth, the company had a new strawberry shipper that highlighted the new certification, and the fruit’s packaging will also include a Certified Pesticide Free mark.

“I think it’s a game-changer,” said marketing manager Fiona McClean.

Mastronardi noted the company will explore pursuing the certification for some of its other products as well, including its new living lettuce.