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Columbine Vineyards Becomes The First Sustainably Grown Certified Table Grapes Producer In The US

Certification from SCS acknowledges Columbine Vineyard's dedication to social work, unwavering support for growers and impressive environmental achievements including the conservation of 843 million gallons of water through sustainable farming practices

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Columbine Vineyards, producer of the popular Holiday® table grapes in California's San Joaquin Valley, has now become the first Sustainably Grown Certified table grapes producer in the US. The new certification represents the significant impacts Columbine Vineyards has made over the past few years, including water conservation - 843 million gallons saved, styrofoam reduction - 54% reduction, and carbon sequestration - 5,200 metric tons, the equivalent to 1140 cars off the roads annually. The official certification comes through SCS Global Services, a pioneer and leader in the field of sustainability standards and third-party certification. The SCS Sustainably Grown certification program is one of the world's most strict, with standards and initiatives that provide a framework for environmental stewardship and social responsibility. As a result of certification, all of Columbine's grape brands, including Holiday grapes, will now carry the SCS Kingfisher Sustainably Grown certification mark.

"I have been working in sustainable agriculture for a long time now, and it is rare to see the level of dedication that the Columbine Vineyards team brought to their recent Sustainably Grown audit," says Kevin Warner, Manager of Sustainable Agriculture at SCS Global Services. "They committed ten solid months to audit preparation and integrated the best practices of sustainability into every facet of their operation. What gets me really excited is the impact they are having in terms of environmental protection and the fair treatment of farmworkers."

Columbine Vineyard's new Sustainably Grown certification focuses on three areas of responsibility:

  • Environmental Stewardship - An emphasis on water conservation, including a comprehensive approach to irrigation management, maximizing water efficiency with the latest technology and impeccable ground level implementation. Columbine also focuses on soil health using an innovative soil-fortifying initiative to introduce diversified bacteria and fungi on the microbiological level to revive dead soil.
  • Social Responsibility - Growing safe, quality food while promoting farmer welfare and giving employees access to health resources ensures a safe, hygienic working environment. Also included is a COVID-19 vaccine accessibility program.
  • Economic Stability - Columbine Vineyards continues to explore how the community interacts with the business, and how the business interacts with the community in order to support future generations of farmers.

"This new certification brings commitment and accountability to Columbine Vineyard's existing growing practices," says Vincent Sorena, Vice President of Compliance at Columbine Vineyards. "When shoppers see the new Sustainably Grown certification mark on our Holiday grapes this season, they can be confident they are choosing a brand that prioritizes environmental, social, and economic sustainability."

The certification comes just ahead of the Holiday grapes' highly-anticipated 2021 season, which returns late August through December. These red grapes have been loved by fans over the years for their extra-large, seedless berry size with a crisp yet juicy texture that "pops" in your mouth delivering a full, ultra-sweet flavor. They are hand-harvested and distributed fresh-from-the-vine. Holiday grapes are packed with immune-boosting nutrients and antioxidants. Once ripe, they are hand-harvested and distributed fresh-from-the-vine resulting in an unforgettable table grape experience perfect for breakfast, snacks, desserts and beverages.

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About Columbine Vineyards

Columbine Vineyards started in 1926 with a single vine and a love for grapes. Founder Marin Caratan and his brother chose to plant their first vines in the San Joaquin Valley, an ideal area for producing the finest quality grapes. Their legacy of dedication, hard work, and love continues to this day through stewardship of soil and sustainable growing practices that regenerate natural resources. Columbine has always been at the forefront of advancements in energy-saving technologies and resource conservation, and recently became the first Sustainably Grown certified table grapes producer in the US. Their unique breeding program continues to bring over 15 varieties of delicious, fine quality table grapes including Holiday® and Milano® varieties to stores. Each year, the grapes are carefully selected from vines at the peak of their maturity, skillfully hand-picked by growers seeking the sweetest and freshest grapes.


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