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Bradley's Jewellers Doubles Down on Commitment to Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds for Climate Neutrality

Bradley's Jewellers

Award-winning jewellery retail business Bradley's Jewellers York is responding to growing concern about 'greenwashing' tactics and laboratory-grown diamond misinformation among its customer base by reaffirming its commitment to Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds.

Since 2022, Bradley's Jewellers has been an Accredited Retailer of Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds under the SCS 007 Jewelry Sustainability Standard developed by SCS Standards and certified by SCS Global Services. It is one of just four businesses in the UK and Ireland to achieve this status and one of approximately 50 consumer-facing companies globally.

Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds, whether of natural or laboratory-grown origin, are independently confirmed to be in full accordance with the requirements of the SCS 007 Jewelry Sustainability Standard and its five pillars of sustainability achievement. The program provides unparalleled transparency and due diligence around the environmental and ethical performance of diamond producers and handlers, including origin traceability assurance, sustainable production practices, and climate neutrality. 

As the last link in the chain of custody, Bradley's Jewellers York directly connects its customers looking for sustainable, climate-neutral laboratory-grown diamonds with stones certified through this process. 

Bradley's Jewellers York owner, Kay Bradley, says:,

"We've seen first-hand the power of greenwashing tactics. Customers come to us thinking all laboratory-grown diamonds are equally environmentally-friendly, but we know that isn't the case. Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds are essential for meeting the requirements of a growing portion of my customer base who are diligent about their choices on social, environmental and ethical grounds. With these laboratory-grown stones, I can be 100% confident of their verified origin, climate neutrality and ethical and sustainable production practices."

To provide its clients with the best possible options, Bradley's Jewellers York now offers natural and laboratory-grown diamonds alongside laboratory-grown Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds over 0.50 carats.

Stanley Mathuram, Executive Vice President at SCS Global Services, which conducts the third-party certifications, adds: “The benefits of stocking SCS-007 stones are substantial. By responding to increasing customer demand for diamonds produced using sustainable practices, with verified origins and documented proof that they meet the highest environmental standards, retailers have a competitive advantage. Customers receive certificates that detail the sustainability achievements of their diamonds – the first time such documentation is available for diamonds."

Bradley's Jewellers sources its Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds from WD Lab Grown Diamonds in Washington DC, United States. The company was the first internationally to become a certified laboratory-grown diamond supplier under the SCS 007 Jewelry Sustainability Standard in 2020. 

Brittany Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer of WD Lab Grown Diamonds, explains: "Across industries, sustainability and transparency are becoming key drivers for consumers, both from a purchasing and brand affinity perspective. Recent market research and our experience have shown that consumer awareness and adoption of laboratory-grown diamonds are increasing rapidly while retailers are experiencing remarkable year-over-year growth in the category. Third-party sustainability certification of WD's diamonds provides the foundation for an emotional connection to this ‘NextGen’ consumer, who seeks to align with brands that share their value system."

The girdle of each Certified Sustainability Rated Diamond is inscribed with its certificate ID number. A copy of this certificate is presented to the end consumer as a record of its sustainability accomplishments. Diamonds rated under the SCS 007 Standard can be recognised by the Kingfisher mark (pictured on page one). Bradley's Jewellers York uses this mark in-store, online and across its Eco Rocks laboratory-grown diamond brand. 

Bradley adds,

"Since we started selling laboratory-grown diamonds as a business, we have sought ways to back up our assertions and ensure we are in complete accordance with the Competition and Markets Authority's Green Claims Code. Participating in this international program and working with like-minded suppliers is the only way to tackle the misinformation we hear daily. I hope that other independent retailers follow suit." 

Kay Bradley participates in the National Association of Jewellers' (NAJ) Professional and Technical Standards Steering Group to discuss issues surrounding the NAJ's Code of Conduct, best practices, adherence to legal requirements and refreshing industry-wide guidelines. She has also committed to laboratory-grown diamond training and education for her team through the AnchorCert Gem Lab and The Gem Academy.

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