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Axiom Materials Receives Carbon Neutrality Certification

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Axiom Materials

Axiom Materials Inc., a global leader in composites materials is pleased to announce it has received the Carbon Neutrality Certification for calendar year 2019, demonstrating its commitment to corporate social responsibilities and contributing to reinforcing the sustainable future of our world.

Axiom worked with SCS Global Services to calculate its carbon emissions from sources such as utilities, employee commute, and waste streams. Axiom additionally completed several projects in 2020 as well as planning other projects in 2021 to reduce the amount of carbon emission generated.

Moving forward, Axiom will continue to work together, push forward and continue to find ways to reduce its waste and energy consumption in order to further reduce its carbon emissions and to put in efforts to continue its sustainable reinforcement journey.

Axiom Materials, Inc
2320 Pullman Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: 949-635-4978

About Axiom Materials Inc.
Axiom Materials, Inc. has manufactured materials for the world’s most complex applications for over a decade. As a global leader in composites — Axiom creates solutions such as: providing heat protection for rockets, making aircraft lighter weight, and industrial equipment more durable. Axiom’s advanced technology composite materials have become the industry standard in the composite market through R&D studies, new chemistry, and customer-driven applications.

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