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Avilan Named First Certified Ethical and Responsible Source for Diamonds

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 Avilan, a distributor of ethical and sustainable diamonds, announced today that it is the first-ever Responsible Source for diamonds by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a third-party environmental and sustainability certification leader. The certification represents the most rigorous standard in the environmental certification industry.

For centuries, diamonds have been a physical representation of love and commitment. Unfortunately, there have been lingering issues surrounding the bloody conflicts supported by diamond mining, not to mention the environmental impacts. Regardless of the source, all diamonds that are traditionally mined result in the destruction of ecosystems. Although companies have made concerted efforts to follow regulations and maintain the purity of diamonds, none has addressed both the social and ecological components—until Avilan.

The prestigious SCS certification means that Avilan and its Storied Diamonds are 100 percent post-consumer and processed with fair labor practices.

“Savvy consumers and retailers are aware of the issues surrounding conflict (or blood) diamonds, but many still don’t know the whole truth,” said Jana Hadany, marketing director for Avilan. “While the Kimberley Process was enacted to stop diamonds that fund rebel movements against established governments, there are too many loopholes; loopholes mean that suffering still exists in the form of human rights’ violation and negative ecological outcomes. Some companies have been diligent to offer diamonds that fully comply with the Kimberley Process. What hasn’t been previously addressed, however, is the environmental impact associated with mining.”

Recognizing a need for an alternative that is not only humane and sustainable, but that also allows consumers and retailers to validate the supply chain, Avilan launched in 2011 to purchase and sell up-cycled diamonds. Every gem in its inventory comes from an end user, whether through direct sales or via a retailer, and is branded as a Storied Diamond after a thorough investigation of the diamond’s history. Each Storied Diamond is registered in a virtual database and comes with an endorsed assurance, so that future owners know the life of their jewel.

After two years of diligently investigating every diamond, Avilan successfully obtained its third-party certification from SCS for its Storied Diamonds as the world’s first responsibly sourced diamond.

“The certification process through SCS was intense and included opening all of our books for transparency, tracing the source of every single diamond in our database to validate our supply chain, and building a strong network of retailers and consumers,” said Hadany. “This validation definitely sets Avilan apart from other diamond companies who claim to offer responsibly-sourced gems but lack a true third-party validation.”

Additionally, SCS has certified that Avilan, as a company, has established a baseline use of energy, water, waste and greenhouse gasses, and has made a commitment to reduce these uses over time.

Following its pledge to the global community, Avilan donates a percentage of each purchase and sale to charity partners who embrace the mission on which Avilan was founded to contribute directly to social and environmental endeavors, both locally and global. 
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Avilan is a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based company that buys and sells ethically sourced diamonds and is the first third-party certified Responsible Source for diamonds. Avilan Storied Diamonds are up-cycled instead of newly mined, preserving the world’s precious resources while eliminating the need for traditional mining and the combat associated with social and environmental destruction. By creating relationships between customers and retailers, Avilan circulates diamonds that are already in existing inventory rather than desecrating the earth and contributing to the bloodshed, conflicts and human rights violations that occur around sourcing a new supply. Every Storied Diamond is transformed from one person’s previously cherished gem into a new person’s treasure.

AvilanTM is recognized as the first-ever Responsible Source for diamonds by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a third-party environmental and sustainability certification leader. The certification represents the most rigorous standard in the environmental certification industry. For more information, visit or call 855.434.1444.

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