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Reduced Data Collection without Expensive Software

Our targeted approach to data collection reduces the number of data requests sent to your facility managers and suppliers by up to 80% -- without the need to purchase expensive software licenses. The LCA methodology we use is based on a draft American national standard, ensuring results are credible to your customers and other stakeholders.

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Our Qualifications
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  • 25+ years completing LCAs in major industries
  • Experience with all major LCIA methodologies and software
  • Ready to use the most complete and accurate LCA framework available today
  • Highly regarded by environmental groups for our LCA expertise
  • Broad experience in LCA used for comparisons, Environmental Product Declarations, LCA standards development, and more
  • A team with a diverse technical background
  • Access to multiple commercial LCI databases including Ecoinvent
  • Representative on the LCA subcommittee at the ISO Technical Committee 207 and the ANSI LEO-SCS-002 Standard Committee

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Trained in the use of the openLCA software, our staff is also able to share LCA models with your LCA experts

  • American Iron and Steel Institute
  • Ecore International
  • Environmental Paper Network
  • HNI Corporation
  • KI
  • New Leaf Paper (View Case Study)
  • Steel Market Development Institute
  • Universal Fibers, Inc.

“SCS’ expertise in Life Cycle Assessments makes the process and results seamless, timely, and accurate.” Norman K. Nance | VP Marketing, A/D, Environmental Initiatives


“As chair of a 4-person panel, I helped to review SCS’s LCA of Reincarnation 100 paper. Based on a thorough examination, we were confident that this LCA was one of the most comprehensive, exacting, transparent and understandable reports on paper production ever to be published. We were very impressed with SCS’s thoroughness and the quality of the resulting LCA study.” Susan Kinsella | Conservatree


“We chose SCS to complete our LCA because of the rigorous, holistic nature of the standardized methodology they apply, and their reputation for thoroughness and quality. The LCA study they completed presents a comprehensive and fair analysis that sets a new baseline for future LCAs. We are very pleased with the result.” Jeff Mendelsohn | Founder and Chair of New Leaf Papers


SCS Global Services: Setting the Standard for Sustainability

For over 30 years, SCS has provided sustainability services meeting the highest level of credibility. Our staff is recognized for excellence in diverse fields ranging from carbon offset verification and forest management certification to food safety auditing and life cycle assessment. Our responsive customer service staff will work closely with you to support all of your needs We also offer discounted rates for multiple services pursued with SCS.

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Satisfy the demands of key stakeholders by ensuring your LCA is complete and accurate by working with one of the most experienced LCA providers in the business.

about your Life Cycle Assessment needs today.

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