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Launch of Lauded as Valuable New Resource for Sustainable Seafood Stakeholders

SCS Congratulates Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions and FishChoice for Website Launch

SCS Global Services (SCS) commends the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions and FishChoice on their launch of, a comprehensive, easy-to-use website providing the latest information on the progress of fishery improvement projects (FIPs) around the world.

“The new website provides a transparent online platform to support businesses, buyers and stakeholders in their efforts to track the progress of FIPs,” said Sian Morgan, SCS’ Director of Sustainable Seafood. Morgan serves on the Technical Oversight Committee for the initiative.

The site gives users the information they need to make decisions about whether FIPs meet their sourcing policies. For comprehensive FIPs, users can easily see color-coded progress against requirements of the Marine Stewardship Council standard. Until now, interested businesses and stakeholders have had to search numerous websites to compile the information now available on this one site, which also benefits from technical oversight by verification experts.

Listed FIPs must meet the Conservation Alliance’s guidelines. In addition, staff review each FIP’s progress reports once a year to ensure the information is accurate, with support from trained auditors.

A webinar to learn more about the site features is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 3 from 2-3pm ET/11am-12pm PT. Further details are provided at

Contact Sian Morgan, SCS Global Services’ Director of Sustainable Seafood Programs ([email protected]) for more information on fishery certification.

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