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Green Squared®
Environmental Leadership in the Tile Industry
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Certification to the Green Squared® standard established by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) under ANSI A138.1 puts you squarely on the road to sustainability, and sets you apart from your interior surface competitors. This certification, available to manufacturers of ceramic and glass tiles and a wide range of tile installation materials, demonstrates to customers that you are committed to exceptional environmental performance.

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Program Details
Eligible Products

Any of the following products may qualify for certification: ceramic tile, glass tile, dry powder installation goods, liquid and paste installation goods, rolled sheet installation goods, panel installation goods.

Certification Criteria

Under the Green Squared certification standard, products are evaluated based on successful compliance with indicators listed under five basic criteria:

  • Product characteristics
  • Manufacturing and raw material extraction
  • End of product life management
  • Progressive corporate governance
  • Innovation
  1. Apply for Certification

    Complete and submit an SCS Application Form. SCS scopes the project based on information provided in the application and prepares a proposal for your approval with a suggested timeline and quote. Once you approve the proposal, you sign a Work Order. An SCS account manager is be assigned to guide you through the certification process.

  2. Data Collection

    An SCS technical coordinator helps you assemble preliminary data that will be submitted to SCS. SCS reviews the product data, corporate documentation, manufacturing process, product formulation, testing, etc., and assesses your readiness for an audit. Once sufficient data is collected, an auditor is assigned.

  3. On-site Audit

    The auditor conducts an on-site audit to evaluate your data. The auditor interacts with your technical staff to clarify and obtain any additional information that might prove essential to reaching an accurate supportable evaluation.

  4. Draft Assessment Report

    The auditor writes a draft assessment report that details the findings of the audit, which includes data analysis, non-conformities, and opportunities for improvement.

  5. Internal peer review

    A qualified SCS representative reviews the report, making any necessary corrections or changes before the report is sent to the client.

  6. Corrective Actions

    You respond to any non-conformities with a Corrective Action Plan. You may also make comments and responses to the information contained in the report and the conclusions drawn by the auditor.

  7. Certification Decision

    SCS conducts a final technical review of the assessment report and makes the final certification decision. If certification is granted, SCS issues the certificate and final report to your facility or operation. Once certified, your company is listed in the Green Products Certificate Database on the SCS website.

  8. Certification Maintenance and Renewal

    Periodic audits as required under the standard are conducted to maintain your certification and support continual improvement.


I have thousands of products within a product line. How do they all get certified?

SCS does not look at individual SKUs. That would be operationally inefficient and cost prohibitive. Instead, we categorize all like-products together. A certificate is issued based on the product category. Every product within the product line must meet the minimum requirements for Product Characteristics as prescribed by the standard.

How much does Green Squared® Certification cost?

Certification costs are dependent upon the scope of the project. For example, a ceramic tile manufacturer with a single category of product manufactured in a single facility will have a reduced scope of work as compared to a manufacturer of adhesives, grouts and sealants with multiple product categories and manufacturing facilities.

How long does the process of certification take?

A certification decision can be made in as little as 8 weeks. The timeline is highly dependent upon the preparedness of the manufacturer. A manufacturer that is familiar with the ANSI 138.1 standard and has already compiled the documentation that correlates with their scorecard will take less time to certify than a manufacturer with incomplete documentation.

What makes SCS different from other certification bodies?

Two-thirds of the inaugural class of Green Squared certified companies were certified by SCS, including the very first certified manufacturer, Crossville. SCS has over 30 years of experience in conducting certifications based on product lifecycles. We bring this experience and expertise to Green SquaredSM certification by being able to perform quality certification assessments on time and on budget.

We understand that certification is an investment. We help our clients realize a return on investment by supporting efforts to promote the value of this third-party certification. For example, SCS developed a CEU course about Green Squared certification for the architectural and design community. The CEU is designed for our clients to deliver via webinar or in person. We teach our clients why certification is valuable and how to communicate that to the end-user.

Is Green Squared recognized by LEED?

Green Squared is not explicitly referenced in LEED v4 Certified products, however, can earn the following LEED points:

  • Materials and Resources - Recycled Material Content - Regional Materials (MRc5)
  • Indoor Environmental Quality - Low Emitting Materials - Adhesives - Low Emitting Materials - Flooring Systems (EQc2)

Does SCS provide certification support?

SCS provides ongoing program support, including on-going staff assistance, marketing and promotional support, and information about new or revised requirements. Certified clients will receive information about the logo approval system and use of SCS trademarks for both on-product and off-product promotions.

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