Flexible Auditing Solutions

Comprehensive On-Site and Virtual Inspections to Meet the COVID-19 Challenge

In our changing world, resilience is essential for success. The COVID-19 pandemic is a stark reminder that companies and organizations must be prepared to innovate and adapt rapidly to new circumstances. As your third-party certification provider, we are there for you, providing flexible on-site and remote auditing solutions tailored to your unique needs. Combining decades of auditing expertise with advanced tools and technologies, we’ll help you deliver on your promises and keep your operations strong. 

Flexible Auditing Solutions for Food Safety Inspections

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Auditing Options

All audits are conducted in conformance with the certification program or scheme requirements. In some cases, hybrid audits are conducted to achieve program goals.
  • Full on-site audits

    Full on-site audits

    Auditors follow routine audit protocols, including site walk-throughs, confidential face-to-face employee interviews, documentation inspections, and more. Auditors carry travel certificates, use PPE, and follow strict social distancing.
    Applicable when normal travel and site access are permitted, and auditor safety is assured.

  • Modified on-site audits

    Modified on-site audits

    Auditors conduct virtual walk-throughs, using video livestream technology, high-resolution 360° video cameras, GPS, and other tools. Being on-site supports optimal livestream connectivity, on-the-spot camera footage review, and face-to-face employee interviews. Applicable when permitted on the premises but restricted in terms of full access.

  • Virtual audits

    Virtual audits

    These audits utilize all of the tools of the modified on-site audits – video livestream technology, high-resolution 360° video cameras, GPS, and more – directed by auditors from a remote location. They also include remote employee livestream or phone interviews, surveys and a text messaging hotline. Applicable when auditors have no site access at all.

  • Desk audits

    Desk audits

    Desk audits and other remote activities frequently are conducted as a preliminary step in the audit process, or as a means to shorten subsequent virtual or on-site audits. Desk audits may also be conducted when off-site documentation reviews and remote interviews are sufficient to meet program needs. Applicable as a preliminary step or when desktop reviews alone are required.

Innovation Is Key

Virtual and modified on-site audits not only enable our auditors to fully interact with the client and surroundings, mimicking the normal inspection experience, but can, in fact, provide unique advantages. Innovations in the auditing process will remain beneficial even after the Covid-19 crisis is over.

Check with your program manager today to find out which audit approaches apply to your certification program.

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