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Sustainable Seafood Certificates

ASC Farm Clients and Certificates

All seafood farms currently under assessment or certified to the ASC requirements can be found via ASC Website's Find A Farm/ Supplier Feature.

To see a list of clients who will be undergoing an assessment, go to our Stakeholder Review page, where you may participate in the stakeholder comment process.

Seafood Chain of Custody Clients

All seafood supply chain organizations currently certified to the relevant CoC requirements can be found using the following websites:

MSC Fisheries Clients

As the first MSC-accredited certifier, SCS Global Services has been involved with marine certification projects worldwide. The following is a list of fisheries that are currently certified by SCS. For the most up-to-date information regarding fishery status, see the MSC Track a Fishery website.

Certified Clients for MSC Fisheries Clients
Client Name Location
Annette Islands Reserve Salmon
United States
US Atlantic Sea Scallop
United States
Gulf Of Maine Lobster Fishery
United States
US Atlantic Surfclam And Ocean Quahog
United States
Iturup Island Pink & Chum Salmon
US North Pacific Halibut
United States
Northeastern Tropical Pacific Purse Seine Yellowfin And Skipjack Tuna
US North Pacific Sablefish
United States
México Baja California Red Rock Lobster
US Northeast Longfin Inshore Squid Bottom Trawl Fishery
Small Pelagics Fishery In Sonora Gulf Of California
WPSTA Western And Central Pacific Skipjack And Yellowfin Free School Purse Seine Tuna
Solomon Islands
Tri Marine Western And Central Pacific Skipjack And Yellowfin Tuna
United States