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Application for MSC Fisheries Certification

Logo with fishes swimming



Brief Company/Organization Description

Note: number of vessels owned, number of employees, description of operations, summary of business activities, etc.



Fishery Information

Note: species considered for certification
Common Name Scientific Name Operations
Note: this could be Fishery Aggregation Device (FAD), midwater trawl vs. deepwater trawl, fishery enhancements, mesh size, etc.
In which country/territory (or countries/territories) is your fishery based and flagged?
In which jurisdictions does the fishery operate?
Does the fishery have an observer program?

Additional Information

Which of the following statements BEST represents the level of interest and preparedness (e.g. data collected, capacity, resources, support from government or NGOs, etc.) of your fishery for MSC assessment, and which services SCS can provide (select Yes or No):
1. Fishery is interested and partially prepared for an assessment. Fishery seeks an MSC Fishery Pre-assessment to evaluate fishery performance to inform next steps prior to undertaking an MSC full assessment
2. Fishery is interested and relatively prepared for an assessment. Fishery is undergoing Fishery Improvement Project (FIP), and seeks consulting services to better inform actions prior to a full MSC fishery assessment.
3. Fishery is highly interested and prepared for Full Assessment for MSC Fishery Certification.
A full assessment for MSC Fishery Certification takes approximately 14-18 months. If you answered “yes” to number 3 above please answer the following questions:
If certification is achieved, do you intend to use the MSC logo?
4. Other (Please describe here)
Fisheries and seafood production may also benefit from FairTrade, Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), and Chain of Custody certification for MSC/ASC/Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM). SCS conducts robust work in these schemes and is accredited in these areas. Would you like information on these or any of our other services at SCS? 
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