Walmart Supplier Requirements

A guide to qualified audits and certifications 

Congratulations on becoming a Walmart supplier. Doing business with Walmart will require meeting key requirements as outlined on their supplier portal. Walmart recognizes certain certifications and audit schemes and uses third-party audits to assess whether their standards are being upheld by their suppliers.

You may need to supply certain certifications and your products, facilities, and records may need to undergo audit or inspection. For instance for food products or produce you may be required to obtain a combination of Food Safety, Responsible Sourcing or Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Verification audits.

Accepted Certifications and Third-Party Audits

SCS Global Services (SCS) offers many of the third-party certification programs included in Walmart’s list of approved schemes. We offer certifications for produce and food products as well as certifications for packaging, textiles, apparel, home goods and more. Our pricing and service bundling discounts along with industry leading customer service will provide cost-effective tools to grow your business.

Built For Better Program

Walmart’s “Built for Better” program recognizes a list of third-party certifications for products and identifies them with one of three icons: Built for Better for You, for Communities or for the Planet. This gives customers an easy way to choose products that align with their values and are more sustainable. Eligible certifications from SCS include: