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More than 46,000 producers, mainly small and medium-sized, produce organic food on more than 331,000 hectares, generating profits of 400 million dollars a year. Due to the international demand for organic products and the added value they provide to consumers, 80 percent of total production in Mexico is exported to large markets, mainly the United States, Canada, and the European Union, generating an economic spillover of more than 400 million dollars a year.

Certified organic products comply with the Law for Organic Products, its regulations, and the Organic Production Guidelines Agreement, which establish the inputs that producers must use and the practices they must implement, from the origin of the seed, soil management, nutrition, pest and disease control, harvesting, processing, and marketing to provide confidence in organic integrity. Differentiate your products by becoming certified by SCS Global Services.

Orgánico México Certificado

Why Choose SCS Global Services?

SCS has extensive experience in organic certification and works successfully with innovative growers and handlers around the world to promote responsible agricultural practices. Certification through SCS offers the unique opportunity to actively market your pesticide-residue-free status during the mandatory three-year transition period to organic farming. You can even save time and money by combining your organic certification with complementary certification, auditing, and testing services, including USDA National Organic Program, Non-GMO Project Verification, Sustainably Grown Fair Trade, and SCS Gluten-Free certification.

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Organic certification has a variety of well-recognized benefits:

  • Satisfy the growing market for organic foods
  • Fine-tune your agrochemical applications and save money
  • Take the first step toward achieving broader sustainability objectives
  • Prove compliance with the maximum residue limits (MRL) of all countries where your products are sold
  • The Organic label is owned by the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture and offers guarantees to consumers since only products that have demonstrated to the Mexican government agency that they were produced in accordance with the standards, procedures, and ingredients permitted for this type of product can use it.
  • Once certified by SCS, you can reinforce your brand with the Mexican Organic seal and the SCS Kingfisher logo, shown to increase brand value.
  • In addition, certification through SCS gives you the added opportunity to market your pesticide residue-free status during the three-year mandatory transition period to organic.

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