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Stakeholder Review of SCS Standards

Stakeholder feedback is an important step in developing standards. SCS is committed to providing a transparent forum for receiving and addressing comments in a way that improves the standards we write.

Each standard under development by SCS will be posted to this website for review and comment for a minimum of 60 days. (Under exceptional circumstances, the review period may be reduced to 30 days). In addition, SCS will seek out experts, clients and other key stakeholders for comment to assure a balancing of perspectives. After incorporating feedback and completing an internal review, SCS will make available, upon request, versions of the standard with a summary of our response(s) to stakeholder comments.

Comments may be made public. If you would prefer that your comments be kept confidential or anonymous, it is important that you indicate this in your preferences below.

Please note, the following review is intended to capture comments regarding the content of the standard. If you would like to make a comment or complaint in regards to the standard development process, please complete our Comments and Complaints Form.

Standards Under Review

Biodegradable Standard

Concerns about the health of the earth's rivers, lakes, and oceans has generated enormous interest in products which biodegrade in water. However, the claim biodegradable has been used to mean different things by different companies, leading to consumer confusion. To help overcome this confusion and ensure that products making the biodegradable claim meet consumer expectations, SCS developed its Biodegradability Standard over 25 years ago. Now in V6.0, SCS is pleased to announce some key revisions and improvements, including:

  • Expansion of product scope to include powder products and personal care products
  • Additional pathway to conformance for aquatic toxicity – ingredients that are less than 1% of the product formula and on the DfE Safer Chemical Ingredients List are now acceptable
  • Updated list of biodegradability test methods

  Biodegradable Standard

Please download and review this standard and send us your comments by January 17, 2015. You can do so by emailing an attached version with your comments to Manager of Material Services, ECS Division, Alicia Godlove: agodlove@scsglobalservices.comWe look forward to receiving your feedback!

Standard review process will end 30 days from 12/17/2014