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UTZ Certification

Sustainable Coffee, Cocoa, Tea and Hazelnut

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Demonstrate your commitment to the sustainable production and handling of coffee, cocoa, tea, or hazelnut with UTZ certification. UTZ certified growers and handlers embrace sustainable business practices by protecting the environment, implementing fair labor practices and improving traceability throughout their supply chains. Labeling your products as UTZ certified attracts socially conscious buyers, retailers and consumers.

SCS Global Services has three decades of experience as a sustainability certification body and employs an international network of auditors to perform your assessment. SCS can certify individual sites, multi-sites or groups to the UTZ Code of Conduct as well as the UTZ Chain of Custody standard throughout the world.

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UTZ offers two different certifications: one for growers and one for handlers and processors:

  1. UTZ Code of Conduct: This standard outlines good agricultural practices, environmental protections, as well as worker health and safety. The standard is based on continuous improvement over a four-year period and requires an annual on-farm audit.

  2. UTZ Chain of Custody: This standard ensures the traceability of UTZ certified products after they leave the production site. The standard requires that all control points be satisfied before an operation can be certified. Chain of Custody audits are administered through one of two traceability program levels for tea and coffee: identity preserved, or a segregation system. For cocoa and hazelnut, SCS offers mass balance, identity preserved, or segregation Chain of Custody auditing.

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