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Sustainable Seafood Certificates

MSC Certified Fisheries

Certified Fishery Locations

The following is a list of fisheries currently certified by SCS or in assessment. As the first MSC-accredited certifier, SCS Global Services has been involved with marine certification projects worldwide.

Annette Island Reserve Salmon    |    Certificate: F-SCS-0025

Australia Blue Grenadier

Australian HIMI Toothfish   |    Certificate: F-SCS-0083

Australian Mackerel Icefish Fishery    |    Certificate: F-SCS-0016

Australian Macquarie Island Toothfish   |    Certificate: F-SCS-0085

British Columbia Halibut Fishery   |    Certificate: SCS-MFCP-F-0020

Gulf of California, Mexico Sardine Fishery   |    Certificate: F-SCS-0026

Gulf of California, Mexico - Thread Herring

Kyoto Danish Seine Fishery Federation Snow Crab and Flathead Flounder | Certificate: F-SCS-0088

Iturup Island Salmon Fishery, Russia   |    Certificate: SCS-MFCP-F-0011

Mexico Baja California Red Rock Lobster   |    Certificate: F-SCS-0005

Northeastern Tropical Pacific Purse Seine Yellowfin and Skipjack Tuna   |    FAQ

Oregon Dungeness Crab Fishery   |    Certificate:SCS-MF-0024

PNA Skipjack and Yellowfin   |    Certificate: C-SCS-0888

Scotian Shelf Shrimp   |    Certificate: F-SCS-0023

South Australia Lakes & Coroong Fishery   |    Certificate: SCS-MFCP-F-0075

US North Pacific Halibut Fishery   |    Certificate: F-SCS-0018

US North Pacific Sablefish Fishery   |    Certificate: F-SCS-0019

Western Australia Rock Lobster Fishery   |    Certificate: F-SCS-0081

Seafood Chain of Custody Clients

All seafood supply chain organizations currently certified to the relevant CoC requirements can be found using the following websites:

ASC Certified suppiler (CoC) Website

MSC Find A Supplier Website

RFM Certified Chain of Custody Companies