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Sustainable Seafood Certificates

MSC Certified Fisheries

Certified Fishery Locations

The following is a list of fisheries currently certified by SCS. As the first MSC-accredited certifier, SCS Global Services has been involved with marine certification projects worldwide.

Annette Island Reserve Salmon    |    Certificate: F-SCS-0025

Atlantic Deep Sea Red Crab Fishery    |    Certificate: SCS-MFCP-F-0021

Australian HIMI toothfish   |    Certificate: F-SCS-0083

Australian Mackerel Icefish Fishery    |    Certificate: SCS-MFCP-F0016

Australian Macquarie Island Toothfish   |    Certificate: F-SCS-0085

British Columbia Halibut Fishery   |    Certificate: SCS-MFCP-F-0020

British Columbia spiny dogfish   |    Certificate: F-SCS-0087

Canada sablefish   |    Certificate:  F-SCS-0084

Canada Scotia-Fundy haddock   |    Certificate: F-SCS-0027

Gulf of California, Mexico Sardine Fishery   |    Certificate: F-SCS-0026

Kyoto Danish Seine Fishery Federation snow crab and flathead flounder | Certificate: F-SCS-0088

Iturup Island Salmon Fishery, Russia   |    Certificate: SCS-MFCP-F-0011

Louisiana Blue Crab   |    Certificate: F-SCS-0082

Mexico Baja California Red Rock Lobster   |    Certificate: F-SCS-0005

Oregon Dungeness Crab Fishery   |    Certificate:SCS-MF-0024

Scotian Shelf Shrimp   |    Certificate: F-SCS-0023

South Australia Lakes & Coroong Fishery   |    Certificate: SCS-MFCP-F-0075

US North Pacific Halibut Fishery   |    Certificate: SCS-MFCP-F-0018   |   Certificate Addendum

US North Pacific Sablefish Fishery   |    Certificate: SCS-MFCP-F-0019   |   Certificate Addendum

Western Australia Rock Lobster Fishery   |    Certificate: F-SCS-0081

Fisheries Undergoing Assessment

Canada Atlantic Halibut

Gulf of California, Mexico - thread herring

Hokkaido Fall chum salmon Set Net

MSC Certified Chain of Custody Clients

All seafood products currently certified according to the requirements of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) can be found using MSC’s Registered Certificates database. The MSC certificate database is the official database of MSC certificate holders. Find a list of all companies certified by SCS by following these steps:

  1. Go here: MSC’s Registered Certificates database
  2. Type 'SCS' within the "Certificate code" dropdown menu