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SCS Marketing Support Services

Certification has been proven to give businesses the edge they need to compete both by confirming that the consumer will get a safe quality product, and because consumers care about sustainability. We are committed to helping our clients take advantage of their certification and market and publicize through as many channels as possible.

Suite of Services

Certified clients, select one or more of the complementary or supplemental services of interest.
Our public relations, marketing and design teams are standing by to assist you.

PR Support

  • Collaborate with us to prepare topical articles of interest to your customers, including blog posts, and more.

    Build visibility for your environmental, social and safety achievements. The SCS blog features stories on topics of interest to the many industries we serve. We also regularly contribute guest articles, blog posts and content to key publications. Our goal is to help companies identify new opportunities for improvement, highlight examples of leadership and success, and share insights from the unique perspective of a third-party certifier.  (Initial 2 hours complementary; time and materials thereafter.)

    Contact our team if you have an article or story idea in mind for your website, publication, or news outlet.

  • To reinforce your public announcement, we’ll share your news through our media distribution services, as well as our full suite of social media channels.

    Take advantage of our news distribution services to make sure that your news about important certifications reaches critical audiences. We look forward to working with your public relations team to deploy these resources to help your certification garner the attention it deserves. In addition, once your announcement has been made, we can use our analytics to track the rate of pick-up.

  • Take advantage of our technical support to ensure that your website messaging, social media campaigns, and digital advertisements tell your story while conforming to our Labeling and Language Guide.

    Sharing your certification news on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other digital platforms is a great way to build recognition for your achievements among stakeholders, customers, and the larger community. Our team will provide the technical review you need to ensure that the use of marks and messages meet our requirements, and accurately communicate your accomplishments. (Complementary)

  • Put our design team to work in conceptualizing and executing the production of compelling advertisements for print, broadcast, or online applications.

    Your certification claim can be a unique selling point for your product. Our design team can help you reach audiences with advertisements that promote your accomplishments. We will collaborate with you to write ad copy and create artwork that is tailored to your chosen publications and platforms whether online or off.  (Charged on time and materials basis.)

  • Our service agreement requires that we preview your press announcements for technical accuracy. Our team can also help you craft an announcement, and support you in live press events as a supplemental service.

    After you have completed your certification, the next step is to make sure that your customers and important stakeholders receive the news. SCS provides complementary technical review of your press announcements and supporting materials.  Please note that this review is required under the terms of our Professional Service Agreement in in our Labeling and Language Guide.*

    If you’d prefer, we are happy to help you develop an announcement and supporting collateral materials. In addition, let us know if you would like a representative from SCS to participate in your live press or trade event to describe the rigorous certification protocols and findings. (Charged on time and materials basis.)

Promotional Support

  • Hone your SCS-certification talking points and use SCS-prepared slides to support your presentation.

    A polished presentation is a powerful tool to communicate with your clients, customers and other stakeholders. Our editorial and design teams are available to collaborate with you on presentation messaging and slides that tell a compelling story about your certified accomplishments. We will ensure that your claims are described accurately, and that certification marks used conform to our Labeling and Language Guide.  (Charged on time and materials basis.)

  • We can provide you with exhibit signs and other collateral to reinforce your SCS-certified accomplishment in your trade show booths.

    Make a splash at trade shows with a booth that captures the attention of potential clients and customers. Our design team can work with you to create signs, backdrops and other printed collateral that highlight your distinct certified accomplishments. Let our highly experienced team help you set your company in crowded exhibit halls. (Charged on time and materials basis.)

  • Ensure that your marketing collateral communicates your accomplishments in a compelling manner while conforming to our Labeling and Language Guide.

    After your certification is completed, it is time to tell your story. We are committed to helping you communicate your accomplishments fully and transparently. Our technical review of your brochures, sales sheets, catalogues, advertisements, and other collateral is intended to reinforce your public relations and marketing staff, giving them the confidence to make credible, fully supported market claims.  (Complementary)

  • Certified clients, their logos and product shots for selected programs are featured on the SCS website in certified product directories and on many other prominent pages.

    Once you have completed certification, your certification information will be included in a certified product directory, which may be posted on our website, or otherwise accessed through our website.When posted on our website, our art team will work with you to feature your product photograph.(Complementary)

    We also welcome you to submit your company logo for inclusion on relevant pages on our website where client logos are featured. (Complementary)



  • Provide your sales staff and managers with the talking points they need to share the value of your certification with customers and stakeholders.

    SCS experts possess a deep understanding of each certification, its requirements, and the underlying standard. Let us share our knowledge and expertise with your staff. We will equip them with the messages and information they need to speak accurately about your company’s certified accomplishments. An engaged and educated staff will help you maximize the benefits of certification.  (Charged on time and materials basis.)

  • Educate your customers about the value of your certified accomplishment for their own needs or that of their customers.

    Certification can benefit every aspect of your business, and its value can also extend to your customers. Draw on SCS’ expertise to educate your customers about the power and impact of your certification. We’ve been in the business for 35 years and are passionate about assisting companies like yours.   (Charged on time and materials basis.) 

Design and Media

  • Our digital marketing staff can support your efforts to get the word out to your key stakeholders across your social media channels.

    Build brand loyalty with your followers by promoting your certification. Our digital marketing experts can help you create a strategy for social media engagement and activation. We can also assist by developing social media posts, images, artwork and videos that will educate and inspire your online audiences. (Charged on time and materials basis.)

  • We’ll work with your web team to prepare captivating website copy complemented by the images and artwork you need to share your certification message effectively.

    Promote your certified accomplishments on your company website using images, artwork, and messages developed in collaboration with SCS. We will help you engage your digital audiences through educational and inspiring website content. Our editorial and design teams will work with you to create new pages, or to incorporate information about your certification onto existing pages.   (Charged on time and materials basis.)

  • Work with our marketing and design teams to prepare effective printed communications materials for use in mailings, at events, and in sales meetings.

    Let us help you produce printed materials that are visually appealing and convey the right message about your certified accomplishments. The editorial and design teams at SCS are experienced with developing collateral of all types. We will collaborate with you to write copy, design artwork, and select images for your chosen suite of products.  (Charged on time and materials basis.)

  • Take advantage of our in-house capacity to produce a professional video highlighting your certified accomplishment.

    Whether you are seeking to connect with customers on social media, clients through your website, or employees internal to your company, video provides an engaging medium. Our experienced in-house video production team can assist with filming, scripting, editing and animation so that you receive a professional product that is perfect for your target audience.  (Charged on time and materials basis.)

  • Our design team will help you design your label to feature your certified accomplishment while conforming to our Labelling and Language Guide.

    We are proud of our certified clients and are eager to help you maximize public recognition of your accomplishments. Product labels that incorporate certified claims are a great way to communicate with your customers and to set your product apart in a crowded market. Our design team can help create product labels that fit your brand and accurately describe your certification.   (Charged on time and materials basis.)

Product Labeling

  • If your accomplishment is recognized under a certification mark other than or in addition to the SCS Kingfisher mark, our team will help guide you to proper usage of such marks.

    The official SCS Labeling and Language Guide issued to you at the time of certification will help you determine whether your accomplishment is eligible for the use of a certification mark of the relevant certification scheme. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to ensure that you are using these marks correctly in accordance with the relevant certification scheme requirements.  (Complementary up to 2 hours)

  • The SCS Labeling and Language Guide describes proper usage of Kingfisher marks, the SCS name, and messaging pertaining to your SCS certification.

    The SCS Labeling and Language Guide describes proper usage of Kingfisher marks, the SCS name, and messaging pertaining to your SCS certification. Strict adherence to the requirements in this guide will ensure consistent and correct use of SCS marks and messaging, and will support your goals. (Complementary)

    Please distribute this document to all marketing, communications, and other staff and contractors who are responsible for providing information about your company’s SCS certification. This information may include product labels, printed brochures, sales sheets, and other collateral or promotional materials, as well as materials for advertising, press releases, websites, social media communications, videos, published reports, articles, signs or other communications.

    Our team is standing by to answer your questions.

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The SCS Kingfisher

The SCS Kingfisher family of certification marks brings positive recognition to our certified clients’ achievements. Co-branding with the SCS Kingfisher mark can significantly increase your visibility and add real value in the marketplace.

* Please note: All uses of the SCS name or marks, including but not limited to registered trademarks and service marks, or written references to your SCS certification in printed or electronic promotional applications, must be submitted to your SCS program contact for review prior to publication, printing or other uses.  This includes any authorized business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) uses of any SCS Certification Marks or trademarks, the SCS name, or any statements related to SCS certification to avoid accidental misuse. Under no circumstances should the SCS Certification Mark or any messages related to SCS certification be used in a manner that suggests a meaning other than explicitly authorized. This requirement is also stated in the SCS Professional Services Agreement. SCS staff will make every effort to respond to authorization requests within 24-72 hours.