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Now validating Landfill, ODS, and Livestock projects.

Carbon Offset Verification

Recognized as an expert in environmental certification for three decades, SCS Global Services has become a world leader in the verification of carbon offset projects. Our carbon offset verification team brings its expertise in field forestry, biometrics, and verification to the global carbon market, with a commitment to scientific excellence, high quality standards, outstanding client service, and fast turnaround. We will work with you to find the most cost effective and comprehensive solutions to meet your project validation and verification needs.

  • SCS Certification MarkForest and Land-Use

    Verification of forest and other land-use carbon offset projects

  • SCS Certification MarkLandfill, Livestock, ODS

    For projects associated with landfill gas, livestock, or elimination of ozone depleting substances

  • SCS Certification MarkEnergy and Transportation

    Validation and verification of renewable energy, energy efficiency, or transportation improvement projects