About Us

Our Vision

By 2050 to transition to a sustainable future that safeguards our environment and our climate, respects the dignity and supports the health and wellbeing of workers and communities, and raises the standard of living for all.

Our Mission

To meet our clients where they are in their sustainability journey and unlock their potential towards positive impact and sustainability leadership. In a rapidly changing climate, we seek to accelerate our client’s progress across short- to long-term goals and do so in a manner that supports decarbonization pathways to 2050.

Our Values

We conduct our work through our core values, and we seek to bring these to bear in each of our client engagements.

Integrity – We inform on hard issues with data, objectivity, and science. We seek to bring integrity to these hard issues in a manner that supports hard internal business decisions.
Activation – We seek to empower your organization, facilitate your progress, and activate your wins where they matter most.
Collaboration – See us as an extension of your team. We seek to merge your unique company goals with industry standards and solutions through a collaborative approach.
Accuracy – We conduct our work in a detail-focused manner that brings science, accuracy, and quality to the forefront of our work.
Climate Imperative – We recognize that our work, even when not directly related to emissions reductions, is driven by a global climate imperative to take direct responsibility to solve climate change problems. Whether it is social or regional issues exasperated by climate change, or global-scale innovations, the imperative to safeguard our planet by 2050 drives our work.

Our People

  • Headshot of Bonnie Holman
    Bonnie Holman

    Managing Director, ESG Consulting

  • Neil Mendenhall
    Neil Mendenhall

    Managing Director, ESG Strategy & Sales

  • Headshot of Stephanie Ellis
    Stephanie Ellis

    Senior Project Manager

  • Eric Olson
    Eric Olson

    Senior Technical Manager

  • Headshot of James Jurcak
    James Jurcak

    Project Manager

  • Headshot of Eric Holt
    Eric Holt

    Senior Analyst

  • Headshot of Meagan Maxon
    Meagan Maxon

    Senior Analyst

  • Headshot of Shari Carder
    Shari Carder

    Sales Coordinator

  • Lilly Beisel SCS
    Lilly Beisel

    Senior Technical Project Manager

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