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Standards Development

Setting the Standard for Sustainability

As part of our mission, SCS is committed to the development of leadership standards that drive sustainability practices and continuous improvement in a practical, responsible, and scientifically-rigorous manner. To this end, we work in four ways:

  1. We initiate the development of standards for industry sectors and claims categories that are underserved, and that offer important advances in one or more aspects of sustainability. These standards are created in accordance with our detailed Standards Development Procedure, which emphasizes thorough process, stakeholder input and transparency.
  2. We participate on national, international, and independent, multi-stakeholder standards writing committees to develop new, consensus-based product and management standards in a wide range of industry sectors.
  3. We provide guidance to companies who are interested in developing their own in-house standards and specification for internal operations quality control and supply chain management.
  4. We supply third-party auditing and certification services to help test standards during the pilot stage to ensure auditability and credibility.