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Touch-base Topics

Complimentary presentations on hot topics given by the SCS Food & Ag Team

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April 24 – Food Safety Management can be a Risky Business
This webinar defines and describes the concept of risk assessment and management and its application in driving Food Safety (HACCP), Food Defense (TACCP) and Food Vulnerability (VACCP) as a cohesive tool in a Food Safety Management System.
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May 4 - Product Development – How Product Developers affect Food Safety
This webinar will touch on the different stages of the Development of Products and how Food Safety affects the decisions made during the process. The presenter will provide a fictional situation where a product is developed to illustrate the key stages of R&D where Food Safety must be considered in order to achieve success and ensure the end consumer is safe.
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Previous Touch-base Tuesday Webinars

  • How the Produce Rule compares to GGAP and Primus GFS for Agricultural Operations
  • The new Fair Trade USA Agricultural Production Standard
  • FSMA and GLOBALG.A.P. Certification
  • Produce Safety Rule (PSA) overview
  • Reduce Risk with Import/Export Testing + MRL Management (in 2 parts)
  • Agricultural Field Sampling
  • Frequently Asked Questions about GLOBALG.A.P.
  • Soils and Food Safety
  • Sample Size and Acceptance Criteria
  • GLOBALG.A.P. Version 5 updates
  • Transitioning From PrimusGFS To GLOBALG.A.P.
  • Sustainable Sourcing Solutions in Food and Agriculture
  • Harmonizing Food Safety and Sustainability in Fresh Produce

For Processors

  • SQF Version 8 - Seamless transitioning from Version 7.2
  • Easy Guide to Non-GMO Project Verification
  • Chemical Residue Testing for Food Safety
  • Introduction to GFSI audits
  • Food Safety Concerns, FSMA Update and GFSI
  • Supplier Approval Programs
  • Food Safety SQF V7.2 - Keys To Compliance
  • BRC Food Safety - Upgrading From HACCP or GMP

For Both

  • FSMA Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) Rule
  • Environmental Monitoring - Are You Doing Enough?
  • Streamline & Simplify your Food Safety Document Development & Management
  • Does Your Internal Audit Dig Deep Enough?
  • Food Defense and Root Cause Analysis
  • HACCP Concepts
  • Deviations and Changing SOPs
  • Environmental Monitoring, Root Cause Analysis and Food Defense
  • Traceability, GFSI and FSMA
  • Notice of Unusual Occurrences and Corrective Actions (NUOCA)
  • Using Control Charts to Monitor the Effectiveness of your System
  • SCS Global Services: Your Source for Certification and Testing
  • Food Safety - The Auditor's View