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Tesco Nurture Certification with SCS
Tesco Nurture
Food Safety, Environmental & Labor Standards
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Tesco stores in the United Kingdom require their suppliers to meet Tesco Nurture (TN10) - a proprietary set of food safety, quality and environmental standards for all fresh fruits and vegetables. SCS Global Services provides the third-party audits you need to demonstrate that you meet Tesco's Gold, Silver, or Bronze level of performance.

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SCS Global Services offers IHA Accredited HACCP Training, including on-site courses, webinars and customized trainings throughout the year in North America. Our expert trainers can tailor their curricula to meet your needs.

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Program Details

The Tesco Nurture program was developed by Tesco to assure its customers that fresh fruit and vegetables are grown by farmers following environmental and socially responsible practices. According to Tesco, their suppliers operate by the following values (excerpt from

  • Grow and select the highest quality fruit and vegetables available
  • Demonstrate a commitment to protecting wildlife and landscape conservation
  • Encourage sustainable farming practices, such as use of energy, natural resources and recycling
  • Rational use of artificial pesticides, fertilizers and manures they champion the use of natural methods, such as solar radiation of soils to eradicate pests
  • Ensure all their staff are treated in an responsible manner

SCS can walk you through a pre-assessment process. Pre-assessment is a non-scored mock audit designed to assess the level of your preparedness for a certification audit. Ask about combining a pre-assessment with your initial audit for greater efficiency.

Complementary Services

We can audit to the Tesco Nurture standard in conjunction with a GlobalG.A.P., SQF audit or Organic Certification, saving you time and money.

  1. Apply for Certification

    You will need to complete and submit an SCS Application form, which provides us with the details of your site and operation. We will be your partner for completing the certification process and registering you with NSF-Cmi, the official registrar for the Tesco Nurture scheme.

  2. Complete an Audit Request Form

    Audits must be authorized by NSF-Cmi. SCS will provide you with the audit request form and will submit it on your behalf. Once completed, return the audit request form to SCS to receive your copy of the TESCO Nurture Standard guidelines. Upon receiving a receipt for an audit allocation, SCS will contact you to book a date for your audit.

  3. On-site Audit

    An on-site audit of your operation will be carried out to ensure that your operation complies with the TESCO Nurture Standard.

  4. Submission of Audit Findings

    Following the on-site audit, the SCS auditor will complete a site report on the findings of the audit. The report will include any non-conformities found. Non-conformities require corrective actions be completed prior to the certification being approved.

  5. Complete Corrective Actions

    The SCS auditor will discuss the details of the audit findings with you and your plans to resolve any non-conformities found. The SCS auditor will provide a deadline for providing evidence of resolution for any non-conformances found.

  6. TESCO Nurture Certification Status Issued

    Upon providing proof of resolution for any non-conformities, SCS will submit your report to NSF-Cmi. NSF-Cmi will issue a certificate to you directly.

  7. Maintaining Certification

    An annual audit is required to maintain your certification status.

Some of the questions and answers below are excerpted from the Tesco website.
What are the three levels of Tesco Nurture certification?

Tesco Nurture consists of three levels Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Nurture standard is consistent for growers all over the world, and is designed to encourage continuous improvement.

Who certifies Tesco audits?

CMI is the official independent body operating as the certifying body for the scheme on behalf of Tesco. CMI manages the grower registration and certification process. SCS performs audits under the Tesco scheme which are then approved by CMI. Tesco Technical Team members work year-round to advise growers on how to continuously raise their standards.

What are the Tesco Nurture labor standards?

To maintain Tesco Nurture certification, suppliers must be assessed annually to ensure continual conformance to ethical and worker welfare standards. These standards were established in a partnership between Tesco and the Ethical Trading Initiative. This is evaluated and monitored using SEDEX, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. SEDEX is a system shared by many retailers, enabling them to share data on labor practice in the supply chain and take action to improve their ethical performance.

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