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Sustainable Agriculture

SCS has championed the field of sustainable agriculture for three decades with leading-edge crop production and quality standards, certifications, sustainability sourcing and scorecard solutions, and strategic brand and policy guidance.

  • Certified Sustainably Grown

    Certified Sustainably Grown supports growers and supply chain handlers committed to sustainable agricultural production over the long-term. Certification reinforces your position as a leader in efforts to minimize environmental impacts, provide a safe and healthy work environment, and protect product integrity.

  • Veriflora

    Choose Veriflora, the "gold" standard in sustainability certification for cut flowers and ornamental plants and related products. Certification communicates to your customers your environmental, social and product quality achievements.

  • Biofuels and Bioproducts

    Prove that your biomass and biofuel products adhere to strict sustainability requirements and qualify for recognition by the European Renewable Energy Directive with third-party certification.

  • Fair Trade USA

    Choose SCS as your third-party conformity assessment partner to earn certification under the Fair Trade USA brand.