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Testing - FDA Import Detention Clearance

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Rely on SCS Global Services to respond to your crisis management needs related to FDA detention. SCS consultants guide you through the FDA import detention clearance process with expert consulting, expedited agricultural residue sampling, and testing services. In addition, SCS provides solutions for importers placed on the FDA Import Alert list, and for products being held for detention without examination (i.e., automatic detention).

SCS testing

SCS has decades of experience with FDA sampling and testing protocols, and has helped hundreds of companies. With experienced samplers in Los Angeles, Miami, Nogales, Seattle, and most major US ports, SCS provides fast results to get your Import Detention Resolution Packet (IDRP) to FDA and through clearance.

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For companies faced with an FDA import detention, swift action is essential. The FDA Notice of Action form sets a deadline for your response. SCS serves as your liaison with the FDA to expedite this process:

  • We partner with your customs broker and explain the specific FDA import requirements for approval.
  • Our experts confirm that your Import Detention Resolution Packet (IDRP) is prepared properly to meet FDA clearance requirements the first time!
  • When illegal agricultural residues are found by FDA inspectors and shipments are refused entry, our on-call staff contact FDA compliance officers to confirm that appropriate sampling and testing protocols have been used. SCS samplers can meet your shipment at the warehouse or other shipping location.
Testing Requirements

The FDA detention process applies to products that have been detained for pesticides, filth, heavy metals, non-approved food colorants, and food additives.

After an exporter is placed on FDA detention, every new shipment must then be analyzed by an independent laboratory for the same illegal residue. Shipments found to contain residues below the established Levels of Quantification (LOQ) are cleared for release. After five clean shipments, the exporter may petition to be removed from the Import Alert list. SCS provides the testing services you need, and will help you prepare your petition for clearance.

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