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Testing - EPA Compliance and MRL Verification

Risk Management for Food Importers and Exporters

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Manage your risk and meet US EPA or country-of-destination maximum residue limits (MRLs) for pesticides by monitoring and testing your food products prior to shipment. Global consumer awareness, government surveillance, and enactment of FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) have made due diligence for pesticides, pathogens, and contaminants more important than ever before.

SCS Global Services Testing

SCS works with importers and exporters around the world, and maintains an extensive library of pesticide residue data. Our chemists stay apprised of new pesticides, applications and test methods, and understand how quickly requirements can change from country to country.  Our goal is to help ensure that your shipments will pass scrutiny.

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Risks to Food Importers

Under the new FSMA Foreign Supplier Verification ruling, importers of record are now responsible for ensuring that their food suppliers meet US EPA pesticide residue tolerances and FDA food safety requirements.  Under FSMA, the FDA has increased surveillance of imported foods, and the process for gaining clearance from FDA detention is now more costly and time consuming than ever before.

Testing and Monitoring

SCS conducts random testing for pesticides, pathogenic bacteria, and industrial contaminants to demonstrate that your products and those of your suppliers meet labeling requirements set by the US EPA and FDA. In addition, we can set up monitoring programs for your operation prior to testing.

SCS uses FDA-approved methods for multi-residue screens, and provides customized tests for residues not detected by routine screens conducted by other testers. This gives you increased assurance prior to clearance. Our sampling and testing programs satisfy FDA mandatory testing requirements for imports from countries under block detention and for those under automatic detention due to previous violations.

Do You Need FDA Detention Clearance?

If you have been caught at the border and need fast help in crisis management for your shipments, call SCS for our expert FDA Detention Clearance services.

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