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SCS Global Testing Services

Food safety, food quality, risk mitigation, and retailer/client requirements are paramount to your success. SCS provides the expert knowledge you need to keep pace with industry changes and the quality assurance demands of the global marketplace. SCS provides testing, consulting, auditing and research services at competitive prices, with rapid turnaround and results you can trust.

  • FDA Detention Clearance

    For those caught at the US border, rely on SCS to ensure that your Import Detention Resolution Packet is prepared properly to meet FDA clearance requirements.

  • Pesticide Residue Free

    Address your most exacting customers’ concerns about pesticide residues in food through Pesticide Residue Free certification, meeting the world’s most stringent residue standard, or demonstrate no pesticide use at all and earn Pesticide Free distinction.

  • Retailer Services Testing

    Based on nearly three decades of experience, we provide retailers with comprehensive solutions for all of your food safety auditing, pesticide residue analysis, flavor and nutrition management needs, and can help you strategize to achieve your sustainability goals.

  • MRL Verification and Management

    Demonstrate that you meet US EPA and other country-of-destination pesticide residue tolerances and food safety import requirements with SCS testing and strategic planning.