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Lifecycle Management

As manufacturers are aware, every product has environmental impacts associated with its “life-cycle” –from resource extraction through processing, manufacturing, transportation, use and disposal or subsequent reprocessing and use. The quest to minimize these impacts has led to enormous innovation in industry sectors across the economy. SCS is a leading practitioner of life cycle assessment, helping companies and organizations analyze these impacts, identify opportunities for improvement, and support public declarations such as EPDs, HPDs, and environmentally preferable product claims.

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    We provide world-class third-party certification, verification, validation, auditing, and inspection services. We also work with government agencies, industries and NGOs to develop leadership standards.

  • Our food safety and security trainings help you confidently develop, implement and improve food safety systems. In addition, customized sales team and supplier trainings are offered in all SCS program areas.

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    Providing a wide range of strategic advisory services to help companies navigate the certification standards landscape and achieve milestones toward their Sustainable Development Goals or Food Safety objectives.